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Feature Release Overview & Support Guide

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Feature Release Overview & Support Guide

Use this template to document an upcoming feature and any support information your team will need.


Feature name: What is this feature called?

Launch date: When is this feature being launched?

What's changing/what's new [tl;dr]: What is new for the customer?

Launch schedule and rollout plan

  • Date and time plans: Are there certain dates that the team should be aware of?
  • Blog post/tweet: Do we have content we're sharing out to customers?
  • In-app user education/What’s New notification: How are we alerting users to this change in-app?

Channels and contacts

  • CE channels: Where in Slack will Customer Experience discuss this launch?
  • PDE channels and purposes: Where in Slack do we go to chat about this launch with Product & Engineering teams?
  • DRI and launch team: Who is the individual responsible for launch enablement and what other contacts are on the team?


  • Triage: What area should tickets be triaged to?
  • Macros: What macros do we have for this launch?


  • Tags: How should tweets be tagged?
  • Suggested tweet responses: How should we respond to tweets about this launch?

Live Support

  • Any live-support-specific resources, chat scripts, etc.

International Support:

  • Any international-support-specific resources, language considerations, translations, etc.


Anticipated questions should be in an h2 list format for easy reference, with answers immediately under the questions.

Question 1


Question 2


Question 3


Helpful resources

  • Links to help center articles
  • Links to design and product docs and resources
  • Links to related Guru Cards
  • Links to macros

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