3 Things Guru Public Cards Can Replace

Last verified Nov 4, 2021

Guru is excited to announce that Public Cards are here to solve all of your problems—ok, maybe not all of them, but definitely a few key ones. We have some ideas for how you and your team can best leverage Public Cards, including:

  1. Reference Lists

  2. Remote Work Guidelines

  3. Team Updates

What is a Public Card?

A Public Card is a Guru Card that can be accessed with a link alone, no login needed. This setting can be enabled by Guru admins, Collection owners, and original Card authors on Cards they'd like to share with people outside of their Guru instance (think business partners, customers, and everyone in between). As long as you have the link to the Card, you can access all of the game-changing information that lives within it.  Public Cards have many of the features of traditional Guru Cards that you and your team love, like bite-sized knowledge, and expert-backed verification, while giving you the ability to share beyond your team or company.

Here are some of our favorite things to replace with Public Cards:

Reference Lists

Sometimes, you have a really awesome list that you want to share with the world, your colleagues, or your friends. But what happens when that list is constantly changing, and you want to make sure your readers have the most up-to-date information possible? Enter Public Cards. Keeping your list in a public Card allows you to send out one link that always has the most accurate information—making it a living, breathing reference for your readers. 

💡Pro Tip: When sharing Cards like these, make sure to explain that they are dynamic and updated often! That’s the beauty of a Guru Card. 

Remote Work Guidelines

Need to lay down some ground rules for remote employees? Whether you're following a hybrid schedule or have a fully remote workforce, this card can help everyone get up to speed on proper remote work protocol.  Set up standards for communication, let people know how they can connect with their team, and give people direction on how to manage remote meetings. 

💡Pro Tip: This Card can layout rules for your entire org or a single team—it's up to you to decide what works best!

Team Updates

No matter how much time you spend crafting the perfect message to your team, sometimes emails get glossed over or worse, ignored. Give your team the bite-sized knowledge they need more efficiently with a Public Card!

💡Pro Tip: This works great for companies where only specific teams have access to Guru, or particular Collections within Guru. 

That’s just the start! We’re sure you’ll think of even more creative ways to use Public Cards to share your knowledge with your team, your friends, and beyond.