6 Reasons Spring is the Perfect Time to Clean Up Your Knowledge Base

Last verified May 20, 2021

It’s easier to approach knowledge base maintenance as an ongoing activity than as a quarterly (or yearly) activity. But just in case you’re having a tough time dedicating some time to do that much-needed cleanup, here are 6 reasons that spring is the perfect time to get going and get a better handle on your knowledge management system.

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1. Q2 is less chaotic than Q1

You’re finally past the winter holidays, SKO, and reviews. Your yearly goals and KPIs are in place. Why not take this bit of time between the start of the year and the back-half push to get all of the knowledge you need in shape to hit your metrics?

2. Set yourself up for a successful H2

Speaking of the back half push, you know you’re going to need a strong H2. And although the fall and winter seem far off, there’s always a time crunch in the latter part of the year. Between Labor Day, back-to-school, and the holiday season, you probably won’t have much time to focus on knowledge management. Get your knowledge in shape now.

3. You have to start at some point

So, you’re probably not Marie Kondo. Most of us aren’t! But a stale knowledge base is an untrusted knowledge base. Take the first step towards making it useful again by verifying or updating the knowledge you’re responsible for, and others will follow. You don’t have to block off an entire day (or week); just set aside 20 minutes every day to go through your knowledge methodically, and it’ll quickly become a much more manageable task. Once everything is up-to-date, you’ll only need 3-5 minutes a day (tops) on average to keep it clean.

4. Help unblock your projects

How often is your work blocked because you lack a piece of knowledge that’s integral to moving forward? Getting your knowledge base updated and verified can mean the difference between delivering a project on time and blowing an important deadline just because your colleague in another time zone missed your request for clarification. If you get hung up waiting for knowledge from other teammates, chances are they also get hung up waiting on knowledge from you.

5. It's the perfect opportunity for some networking

Embarking on a knowledge base cleanup project is a chance for you to connect with colleagues you might not traditionally work with directly. Talking to them now in order to get organized can help you forge connections you’ll be able to rely on later when you’re staring down a tight deadline.

6. TBH, it's still not really that nice outside

It’s spring! The flowers are blooming (they’re not), it’s not freezing (a lie), and the sun is shining (except when it’s pouring — or inexplicably snowing). OK, maybe a few more minutes inside setting yourself up for success later when the weather actually does get nicer isn’t such a bad trade off. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a day at the beach in July than a half-hour in the pollen in April? Getting your KB updated now means you can grab that beach bag in a couple of months, content in the knowledge that no one will need to tap your shoulder while they’re stuck at their computer.

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