6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Empower 2019

Last verified May 20, 2021

I know, I know, there are a gazillion conferences these days, and you have to be picky about what you invest your time and dollars in attending. Empower, a two-day gathering of the best and brightest in sales, customer success, and support, will stand out in a few ways and be well worth your time. The conference is going down from May 7-9, 2019 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, where’s it’s always sunny. Here’s why you should plan on being there.

  • You'll learn from leaders at fast-growth companies like Slack, Square, Gainsight, Yext, and others about how they're empowering their customer-facing teams

  • You'll gain tactical insights into how best-in-class teams are approaching onboarding and training, tool adoption and rollout, knowledge management, building a revenue-centric culture, and new product releases at scale

  • You'll build relationships and exchange ideas with fellow sales and CX leaders at companies like Instructure, Stack Overflow, G2 Crowd, TaskRabbit, and more to inspire actionable ways you can level up your work

  • You'll distill takeaways into an action plan before coming back, to directly help you execute on near-term projects and goals


Why Empower?

At Guru, we believe in empowering revenue teams to delight customers and drive revenue with the knowledge they need to do their jobs. Rather than siloing customer-facing departments like sales, success, and support, we believe in uniting them to help them have better conversations with customers and prospects that ultimately drive revenue. Hence, the revenue team.

With Empower 2019, our goal is to harness the collective intelligence and expertise from our amazing customer network and beyond to galvanize the community around empowering our teams who work with customers directly and drive revenue.

What should I expect?

Empower 2019 is your chance to collaborate with and learn alongside revenue team execs from companies like Slack, Google, Square, Yext, and Gainsight. We’re pretty jazzed about the speaker lineup, and so are early registrants. CX professionals are especially excited about speakers from Google, Gainsight, and Slack, and sales leaders can’t wait to hear from presenters from SalesLoft and Square, just to name a few.


Over the course of two days, you’ll split your time between eye-opening keynotes, interactive learning exercises and workshops, quality time with community cohorts, and action planning sessions. This isn’t a conference where you sit on your laptop checking Slack while pretending to listen to a speaker drone on through 40 slides.

Before the event even begins, we’ll match you with a small group of folks with similar roles from other leading companies. You’ll be a part of this cohort for the duration of the conference, working together to solve problems and build action plans. By connecting with people you share commonalities with, like job title, team size, industry, and company size, you will be able to make valuable connections and have relevant conversations to push your thinking and inspire new ideas.

Here are some of the companies with revenue leaders you’ll be joining at Empower:


Our ultimate goal for this event is to make it actionable for all attendees. We’re all familiar with the post-event high (and inevitable low) that often follows a conference: you feel inspired by the keynotes and have grand plans to go back to work and implement all the new ideas you learned, only to lose steam when you get to your desk when you’re digging out of your inbox.

Ideas are great, but they’re even better when you turn them into action. At Empower, we'll help you get there through facilitated workshops and planning sessions so that you walk away with a playbook to face your challenges head on.

Who should attend?

Within any organization, there are frontline people who are supporting customers, whether it’s salespeople, CSMs, support agents, or anyone else in between. Behind those frontline people are those responsible for empowering them.

If you are focused on setting frontline teams for success – empowering them to delight customers and drive revenue – this event is for you.

Empowerment can fall under many umbrellas: knowledge management, sales productivity, customer success and support operations, sales enablement (or, you guessed it: empowerment), and many others. Regardless of the team or title, the ultimate goal is the same: empower frontline teams to provide world class customer experiences so that you can drive more revenue.

Will I have FOMO if I don't go?

YES. Did you see that speaker line up? And, in case you need another reason to visit the City of Brotherly Love, Philly was just named City of the Year by GQ. Also, Gritty. Enough said.

If you (or whoever holds the purse strings) still aren’t sure, here are six concrete reasons why you should attend Empower in May:

  1. You'll leave with actionable takeaways that will directly help you with your projects and goals that are in-flight and on the horizon for the next quarter

  2. You'll closely collaborate with peers in similar roles, effectively expanding your network of thought partners that will help push your thinking and spark new insights about how you can more effectively empower your revenue team(s) at your company

  3. You'll learn new ways that your Sales, Customer Success, Support and Marketing teams can collaborate to drive improved customer experiences and increased revenue at your company

  4. You'll work through an action planning workshop, crystalizing all of the new ideas and insights you learn at Empower into a tangible plan for when you arrive back at the office

  5. You'll have a blast connecting with the best and brightest minds from other fast-growth companies, and come back to work energized and full of new ideas and inspiration

  6. You’ll get details on how other companies like Guru and Shopify approach their revenue team model in which sales and CX are integrated and empowered to contribute highly to the revenue of their companies