7 Slack Apps To Supercharge Your SaaS Sales & Customer Support Teams

Last verified May 27, 2021

Businesses are relying on Slack now more than ever.

The well-known platform offers an easy way for teams to communicate and share files from anywhere, it automatically indexes and archives all of your content, and even reduces internal emails. (Thank you, Slack!)

Over the past few years, this startup has revolutionized the way teams communicate on a daily basis. But perhaps the most buzzworthy topic regarding Slack is their remarkable growth rate.

Earlier this month, TechCrunch referred to their rapid growth as “insane, with daily user count up 3.5X in a year”. They even provided a timeline of Slack’s impressive daily active user (DAU) and paid seats growth. (click here if you want to check it out!)

So, it wouldn’t be unrealistic of me to assume your teams already use Slack. Even if they don’t use it, you’ve probably heard of it or read about it because this powerful tool provides a great deal of value for millions of users everyday. It’s especially handy for SaaS Sales and Customer support teams…

If you know anything about us here at Guru, then you know we love helping SaaS sales and support teams! That’s why we’ve complied a list of our 7 favorite Slack Apps to supercharge your SaaS business:

1. Promoter


Looking to reduce churn and improve customer growth?

Promoter, a SaaS-based NPS (net promoter score) solution, will help you grow by identifying and engaging with their biggest promoter and detractors. This integration displays customer feedback across your teams and post real time feedback scores to any existing or new slack channel.

2. Intercom


If you need help engaging your users, Intercom is the app you’ve been searching for. This platform allows web and mobile businesses to monitor who is using their product, and how they’re using it.

Intercom includes features such as targeted email and in-app messaging, so you can receive feedback based on user-behavior. The integration also allows your team to receive updates and notification in a Slack channel, so you can keep up with the activity in your team’s inbox.

3. HelloSign


Following up with customers is important for a number of reasons. It helps build trust, takes care of any lingering questions or objections, shows appreciation and so on. HelloSign sends you real time updates when your documents and contracts are signed, all within your Slack channel.

HelloSign reminds your team of which customers currently have outstanding requests, so they always know exactly when to follow up. And it lets you pin fun reactions so everyone can celebrate when an important deal closes.

4. Workbot


Workbot from Workato lets you talk to your apps and take action on them without disrupting your workflow. Without ever leaving Slack, you can cut down on app notifications via intelligence features, get a 360 degree view of customers across all your apps, and get instant stats and trends across all your apps. The Workbot is easy to personalize and the perfect way to simplify your busy workflow.

5. Trello


Organizing projects can be a daunting task. Trello, a collaborative task and project management service, uses lists and cards to organize your team’s projects, so you can see everything at a single glance. This integration lets you receive updates your Slack channel anytime activity occurs on Trello cards, lists and boards.

6. Ivyleads


Tired of getting a ton of email notifications everyday? This app is a great way to reduce your daily email notifications, organize your sales leads and close them. Ivyleads allows you to adds leads and check on them all right within your Slack channel.

7. Guru


Sales and support teams need access to expert-verified answers whenever they work. With Guru, your experts can stop answering repetitive questions, and your reps can easily locate accurate information within Slack. Our app lets you suggest knowledge to your teams without them having to search for it, provides your sales and customer success team with accurate playbook information, supports knowledge base and a company Wiki.

Does your team use Slack? Did we miss any awesome integrations?

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