Announcing Content Performance

Last verified Sep 10, 2018

Today we are excited to announce our latest feature, Content Performance! As Guru continues to work with Sales teams of all sizes, we often hear the challenges their sales and marketing teams face around delivering and measuring content effectiveness with their customers. With the rise of Account Based Marketing, the partnership between sales and marketing is as critical as it ever has been. Organizations are getting smarter about understanding their customers, and developing content that speaks directly to the specific audiences across those customers. This content will vary by industry, by company size, by persona, by product, etc. creating a greater complexity for a salesperson to know which content to use, and when to use it. And even if they know what they want to send, quickly finding it and ensuring its accuracy remains a challenge.

On top of this, the types of content being created continue to evolve as well. While presentations and data sheets continue to see a lot of use, this is no longer enough. Companies today continue to innovate with new forms of content such as video, gif’s, as well as leveraging their own blog content to add value to their prospect conversations.

Sales teams need one simple lightweight solution to find all of the knowledge and content they need to do their jobs. A solution that is built into the tools they already use like Email, or their CRM, or their messaging application.

Product marketers in turn want to leverage data to better understand what content the sales organization needs. What are they searching for? What questions are they getting asked by their prospects? Knowing this information can help to inform their content roadmap. Once new content is delivered, product marketers should be able to easily distribute this content to their sales organization such that it is easy for them to find and use it, and clear to them when it should be used. And finally, product marketers should easily be able to tell what’s working. Which of our content is influencing the most opportunities? Which content is leveraged the most at particular stages in the buyer’s journey? This closed loop approach has the opportunity to vastly improve the partnership between sales and marketing, helping the go to market organization create better customer relationships by delivering those customers the right information at the right time.

This is the backdrop that inspired us to build Content Performance. This new feature set brings exciting new capabilities to sales and marketing teams. For sales teams, you now have one repository to access all of the knowledge and content needed to do your job, categorized by sales situation, such as Industry, Company Size, Buyer Role, etc. And as always, this information is always accessible right from where you work, such as Gmail, Salesforce, Slack, etc. As your prospects engage in the content you send them, Guru will immediately notify you via email, or via our Slack bot. Now you will know whenever your prospects are reading what you send them, improving your ability to have meaningful follow ups with them.

For marketers, Guru collects all of this usage data across your entire sales team and links it with your data in Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our Content Performance analytics, built into Guru, provides out of the box visualizations of which content is influencing the most opportunities. To understand exactly which content is most impactful, filter by Stage to learn which content is used at each stage, and which content leads to the most won (or lost) deals.

Here is a brief video showing Content Performance in Action:

If you would like to get a detailed demonstration of how Content Performance can help your sales and marketing teams, contact for a demo or learn more about how our solution helps marketing teams here.