Announcing Guru’s Participation in OpenAI’s Alpha Plugin Program

Last verified Mar 30, 2023

Guru has always been committed to leveraging the latest innovations in technology to build the best product possible for our customers. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re part of OpenAI’s limited alpha program, enabling Guru to build a plugin for ChatGPT.

Our goal with this plugin is to give our users the ability to access company information directly from the ChatGPT console. By teaming up with OpenAI, we aim to provide users with a single source of truth for all their company knowledge needs.

ChatGPT Plugin Announcement Hero

Continuing to lead

From Day One, Guru has sought to give people the ability to access trusted information directly where they work. Our vision is to extend that ability to the AI-powered world of ChatGPT, where we believe it can make a huge impact on how people work.

At Guru, our vision is to give every team in the world trusted information so that they can do their best work. We have a track record of being first to evolve our product to suit new technologies and behaviors in support of this vision. In 2014, we built one of the first browser extensions for the workplace; in 2016, we built one of the first Slackbots, launching the day their ecosystem and app directory did. 

Now we're excited to bring the same level of innovation to ChatGPT, a service we believe represents the next sea change in not just how we work, but how people everywhere will access information. 

Guru's commitment to AI

Guru’s plugin is just one of a suite of new AI-based features we’re excited to be launching, including Assist (our first foray into generative AI which begins early access in the next few weeks) and answer generation functionality that we’ll release later this year. It also builds upon Guru’s many existing AI features our team has brought to market over the last five years.

In a world of economic uncertainty, breathtaking innovation in AI, and the sheer volume of information overwhelming us, we know that giving teams access to trusted information in their workflow is a key ingredient for success. That's why we're excited to be partnering with OpenAI to make this vision a reality.

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