Avoid the Hidden Costs of Scaling: SaaStr Money Event Recap

Last verified Jul 23, 2021

Scaling your business always involves a fair number of growing pains. Taking your team from 50 people to 500 and your revenue from $1 million to $10 million (or $100 million!) can mean changing everything from offices, processes, and branding, to something as huge as the company name.

At SaaStr Money 2021, Guru CEO Rick Nucci and Airtable CMO Archana Agrawal discussed three commonly overlooked areas that it pays dividends to invest in now.



How will you know you have a problem with analytics? When employees stop trusting the data they find. Archana’s advice here is to be very intentional with how you design your analytics program. First, start by defining a common language (so that everyone knows what key metrics mean). Next, decide what principles you want to see at play in the program and which ones you want to exclude, and then create a self-service model that can easily evolve alongside your company. Try not to create rigid, multi-hop systems that require heavy investment to change.

Internal communication

In an increasingly remote or hybrid environment, creating a foundation of knowledge sharing through written communication is key. That foundation will allow your company to effectively manage cycles of disruption and adaptation, and also create systemic ways to share gratitude! For this, Rick recommends using something like Guru’s Golden Rule of Internal Communication.


Prepare your company for continuous improvement. Process design shouldn’t be about getting everything right all at once, and then never iterating. Instead, be sure to create decision-making frameworks that are adaptable enough to be used in varying situations, and be transparent with employees about what’s working, and what isn’t. 

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