Better Working With Guru: Free Guides and Checklists

Last verified Jul 28, 2022

There’s an old saying that the only constant thing in life is change, and your workplace is taking that adage pretty literally lately. It seems like things are in a constant state of change at work, and you can’t help but feel a little burnt out trying to keep up. 

Your inbox is growing, and your desktop is a sea of red dot notifications. Your entire team is prepping for another big launch after you just had an all-hands situation for last month’s launch. Things keep speeding up at the office, but you’re feeling like you’re ready to slow down. 

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We've been there

We can’t help you change the fast pace of work, but we do have something that can make your 9-5 a bit easier. You’ve seen our template gallery and know that you have tons of pre-made assets to help you get the most out of Guru. You may not know that we have an entire section of guides and checklists that can help you get the most out of work. 

Our guides are a collection of quizzes, toolkits, white papers, and other assets that are designed to help boost productivity and collaboration at work. If you haven’t had a chance to see what our guides have to offer, we have a few suggestions on where to start:

Get the most out of Slack and Teams

Tools working together in harmony is always music to our ears! There are tons of ways you can use Guru with your favorite work tools, and we have a guide for everyone who wants to get Guru working in sync with their messaging tools of choice. This guide will tell you everything you need to know on integrating Guru with Slack or Teams so you can easily store and share information without leaving your workflow.

How healthy is your company's internal comms setup?

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We're so proud of you!

Internal communications are more important than ever before. Having the right system in place can help keep everyone aligned on company goals, increase collaboration and productivity, and could even help boost morale. Don’t you think it’s time to see how your current setup measures up? Take our quiz to find out if your internal comms setup is working for your needs, and get some advice on how to make improvements. 

Better at-home tech stack would increase WFH productivity

Do you like being able to work from home? It’s not surprising if your answer is yes. Our joint research report with our friends at Loom on hybrid work and tech stacks showed that nearly 91.6% of survey respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with hybrid or WFH environments. 

Plenty of people love the freedom of remote work, but their days would be easier if they had the right tools. If you need help justifying your next software purchase to your boss, this is the report for you. Download our study for some interesting insight into our new working world and to see how the right tech can improve your workday. 

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This post only scratches the surface of what our guides have to offer. We have guides on preparing for product launches, perfecting the customer experience, combating burnout, and more.

Check out our guides and see how we can help you have an even better day at work.