Build With Us: Automate Workflows With Guru’s Zapier & Workato Apps

Last verified Jul 22, 2021

If this last year taught us anything, it’s that we have a lot of SaaS apps. And, that we need them. At Guru, we hate context switching. And we love knowledge. So as your tech stack continues to grow, how will aaaaaall of those apps work together with Guru? Well, with Guru’s Zapier and Workato apps, we think we have an answer.

Ever say to yourself: “I wish I could get this workflow automated with Guru, but there’s no dedicated integration for it.” If you think like we think, this is what we have in mind:

  • “Wouldn’t it save us time if we could create a task in Asana when our team’s cards become Unverified?”

  • “We could collaborate better if our Google Docs could automatically embed into discoverable Guru Cards.”

  • “Can we build a way to automatically add users to certain Slack channels based on what Groups in Guru they are added to? That would save me so much time doing it manually for every request.”

Well, thanks to Workato and Zapier, now you can build those no-code/low-code workflows yourself to ensure Guru works where you work—everywhere, every time.

With Workato and Zapier, you can connect with Guru once and integrate everywhere, ensuring that no matter where or when your team is working, they all have equal access to the information they need right within whichever tools they need it in.

Guru + Zapier

With Guru’s Zapier integration, you can integrate Guru with more than 3,000 apps without any dedicated developer resources. With Guru + Zapier, you can automate repetitive tasks and build an almost endless list of integrations with tools in Zapier’s marketplace.

Let’s say you manage your daily tasks in one of the many project management tools out there (Asana,, Trello, Airtable, Jira....) The Guru Zapier app can bring Guru tasks and updates into the tools you’re already working in. Say there’s an update made to one of your favorite boards in Guru, you can create a Zap that automatically creates a task for you to review those updates in your tool of choice.


Zapier can also support how you communicate about the projects your teams are working on. You can use the Create Card Guru Action to create Cards based off the content within your project management tools. These integrations can help automate internal communications so you can focus on the projects at hand.

Discover how Guru works with Zapier to support your teams

Guru + Workato

Workato is a provider that gives non-technical users the ability to create sets of steps or instructions that automate complex workflows called “Recipes.” With Guru’s Workato integration, our customers can connect Guru to the more than 1,000 apps in the Workato marketplace.

For example, let’s say you’re onboarding a new employee. While you need to make sure they have access to all the apps and the information they need to hit the ground running, it’s a lot of work for the hiring manager and IT. Instead of spending time combing through an endless checklist of issuing access to all the tech stacks on your team, why not automate it?

With Guru’s Workato integrations, connect Greenhouse and Guru even more deeply by inviting a new Guru member to your team once a new employee is added in Greenhouse. You can also automate what Guru Groups that new hire should be added to. See how the teams at Workato do it!

New teammate? Onboarded. Boom.


This is just one of thousands of potential possibilities. Customers can now create event-based integrations between Guru and the Workato ecosystem, and fully integrate Guru with other large enterprise softwares such as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow.

Learn how Guru integrates with the Workato ecosystem

Guru + Webhooks

Don’t have access to Zapier or Workato, but have engineering resources available? Want to connect to Guru but use other iPaaS providers such as Boomi? You can build event-based triggers using our Webhook services.


Build out your internal communication strategy by creating real-time notifications when a Product Launch Card is updated, when a card owned by a group of experts goes unverified, or when a new user is added to your team.

You can find our Webhook documentation on our Developer site.

Automate your knowledge workflows

Collaboration is hard, but with Guru’s Zapier and Workato integrations, it doesn’t need to be. By adding automation to Guru, you can reimagine these otherwise painful workflows that require multiple tools to onboard employees, communicate, and launch products more successfully and effectively.

We invite you to build with us and help pioneer the future of collaboration—be it in the same room, or on opposite ends of the world.