Calculating the True Value of Guru

Last verified Apr 27, 2023

How much do you think your company could save if you were able to consolidate your intranet, wiki, knowledge base, and even your company org chart into one tool? When we’re talking about savings, we don’t just mean money. Software cost aside, how much value do you think that one change could bring to your business? 

Think about how much time you spend having to switch from tool to tool to find out basic information about projects and internal initiatives. Imagine repeat questions virtually disappearing from work because everyone can easily find the answers to what they just asked. How much more efficient could meetings and brainstorming sessions be if you didn’t have to spend your time searching for the final final version of a document?

Quantifying the true impact of a tool used to be difficult, but the key words there are “used to.”

Great minds from Forrester and Guru came together to determine just how much value our single source of truth delivers. Check out our value calculator to see how much time and money your team could save by consolidating your intranet, wikis, and knowledge base into a single source of truth for your whole company.