Webinar Preview: Crafting Digital Communication Experiences Your Customers Will Love

Last verified May 24, 2021

So much of today’s customer experience happens online. Your customer’s expectation — whether they’re reaching out about an issue via chat, completing an online form for an event, phoning a call center, or browsing your website’s resources — is an effortless and efficient information transfer, so they can get back to focusing on their bottom line.

The digital communication experiences you provide your customers can have a make-or-break impact on their opinions of your product and services, as well as your brand. So, what things must you consider when crafting an ideal digital communication experience?

I’ll be hosting a webinar with Customer Contact Central on Thursday, May 2 at 2pm ET to share ideas to help you create thoughtful, delightful, and engaging experiences for your customers as you scale. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll cover:


Evaluating your tech stack

To effectively communicate with your customers, you’ll first need a tech stack that allows you to reach them across their preferred channels. Between live chat, ticketing systems, email, phone, and video, there are many ways for customers to get in touch with your organization. I’ll go through a few questions every CX leader should ask him or herself while determining what their customer-facing tech stack should look like.

Ensuring cohesive communication

Adopting a consistent tone across reps is key to ensuring a smooth and positive experience for your customers. As I’ll touch on when discussing your tech stack, the way you communicate will necessarily differ by channel, but tone should always remain constant. How can you arm your team with the proper coaching and language to talk about your product, regardless of the channel? What are some best practices for communicating in a way your customer wants to be spoken to? We’ll delve into details during the webinar.

Empowering your team

Finally, it’s crucial to empower your team to communicate effectively. This means going beyond simple training sessions and actually coaching them in context on how to respond to different situations. They’ll need access to different types of knowledge based on the situation and should be able to adapt and think on their feet no matter where the conversation goes. I’ve got a few tips that we employ at Guru that I think all CX leaders will find valuable.

Tune in for full insights!

I’ll be discussing crafting better digital communication experiences in more detail during the webinar on May 2, so hope to see you there! Register here to save your spot.

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