Here to Help: Customer Success at Guru

Last verified May 27, 2021

Change can be hard, but we’re here to make it easy 

Whether you’re just getting started with Guru or expanding your use across teams, let us help you set and hit your business goals faster.  Our experienced team of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are here to guide and empower your team throughout your rollout of Guru to ensure you have a seamless transition to a more unified, verified, and empowering knowledge management experience. 

Top benefits of working with a Customer Success Manager

We get it. Rolling out a new software takes project management and vision, no matter how user friendly and intuitive it is. Whether you’re launching Guru on your own or with a small team, let us guide you down the path we’ve seen proven to work time and time again. With a Customer Success Manager at your side, you can tap into the experience of rolling out Guru across hundreds of companies across various industries and sizes. We’ve seen it all, so let us help you avoid common roadblocks and set your team up for immediate success. 

Give Guru a whirl.

The top three benefits you’ll realize when working with a CSM are: 

  • An experienced Guru expert at your fingertips to answer questions and provide guidance  

  • Proven faster ramp up time to get the most value of out Guru NOW 

  • Insights into Guru’s product roadmap and early access to upcoming feature releases

What services does Guru’s Customer Success Team offer?

Education Package: We’ll teach you to how to fish. This package includes 3 structured one-on-one virtual education calls with a CSM to ensure your team knows the ins and outs of Guru to be set up for success. These calls cover goal setting, content structure, roles & permissions, and team training. To purchase an Education Package, reach out to your Account Executive.  

Implementation PackageLet us do the heavy lifting. This package includes 1) a series of virtual one-on-one education and training calls with a CSM, 2) personalized migration of 2-3 topics of your existing content into Guru for inspiration, and 3) a tailored training for your roll-out and continued adoption of Guru. With the Implementation Package, we’re also here to answer any questions you may have around our more advanced features such as Sync, Knowledge Triggers, AI Suggest, and Content Performance.  To purchase an Implementation Package, reach out to your Account Executive.  

Designated CSMYour Partner in Change ManagementA designated CSM partners with you from the beginning of your roll-out to ensure your team is set up for success, and stays in touch with you throughout your use of Guru. This includes new team onboarding, onsite training, coaching calls, regular executive business reviews, and early access to Guru’s product roadmap and new features. You can contact your CSM at any time to schedule trainings or ask questions. A designated CSM is included for teams on the Enterprise plan.

How do I purchase Customer Success services?

Customers on Guru’s Enterprise plan qualify for a designated Customer Success Manager and can purchase custom packages for content migration through their Account Executive.  Customers on our Essential and Team plans can purchase Education or Implementation services at any time through their Account Executive.

Not sure what plan you’re on? If you are a Guru team Admin, you can view your Guru plan on the Billing page.

Have a quick question about a feature or need help with a specific issue?

Guru’s expert Support Team is ready to help 7 days a week (8am-8pm ET)! Contact us by sending an email to, or chat with us LIVE by clicking your avatar in the top right corner of the web application or extension and selecting Chat with us!

Think you need a one-on-one call to talk more in depth about a specific topic? 

Talk to your Account Executive about setting up a specific one-on-one Consultation call with our CS team today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have around setting up your users, migrating and structuring your content, or tips for rolling out Guru to your team.

Hear what our customers have to say:

“We appreciate the expertise and guidance you've lent to us in the run up to training and we're looking forward to partnering even further to make this the most valuable tool it can be for our team.” - Matt Wesson, Sr. Sales Enablement Manager, Zoom

“You guys are amazing and have made a direct impact on what I do everyday. Your partnership means the world to me.” - Chad Trabucco, Head of Sales Enablement, Glint

“Our Guru CSM has been the star of our roll out and there is no way it could have been as successful and smooth as it was without their help.“ - Jose Villalta, Program Manager, infutor

“When sharing with my teams about positive customer service experiences I ALWAYS mention you and the phenomenal support you have provided. Beyond the technical help, you always exhibit the highest levels of empathy. it doesn't go unnoticed!”     -Lindsay Kregersen, Technical Writer, Top Hat

“We love the support from Guru. Our CSM has been great, and our team has enjoyed the onboarding process. Thank you!“  - Crystal Horn, Customer Happiness Specialist, Articulate

“The training session with our CSM was excellent, you are lucky to have them on the GURU team.” - Craig Condon Siegal, VP Enablement, Bitly