Designing and Structuring Content for the End-User

Last verified Jun 1, 2022

As a Customer Marketing Manager at Guru, I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of our clients during Deep Dives and through our community. Whether I’m hearing about Guru’s role in company growth or how people discovered us, I’m always amazed at the different ways people use our tool. 

One of the most popular topics that come up among our users is the best way to structure content in Guru. Despite what you may think, there’s actually no one “right” way to do that. There are so many ways to structure content so that it works best for your team, company, or purpose. 


We have a comprehensive (and free) Guru Academy course that can show you everything you need to know about structuring content in Guru. The Academy is always a great place to learn more about the best ways to use Guru, but there are also plenty of companies you can learn from in our Community. 

Since Guru is all about sharing knowledge, I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned about structuring content. I’ve had a chance to go through our Guru Deep Dives, a monthly user group event series we host for the Guru Community, and pulled out some content structure advice from our clients Wealthsimple and Noom.

If you’re inspired by any of what you see here, or have a follow-up question for a presenter, don’t forget to check out the community!

How Wealthsimple mapped their Guru knowledge 

You’re excited that your company is finally investing in knowledge management. The only issue is that you have to figure out a way to organize years of important knowledge. Our friends at Wealthsimple know what you’re going through, that’s why we’re excited to share this video interview with Jagvir Gill, Senior Specialist, Training & QA at Wealthsimple. In just 15 minutes he goes over how his team developed their own way to structure content in Guru, and he has some tips for people starting their own content journey. 

Do you have questions for Jagvir and his content mapping process? Check out the original community post to leave your questions!

How Noom optimizes Guru content for their end-user

Have you ever wondered what role Guru could play in a company's expansion? Noom’s Coach Project Manager Lindsey Hart could tell you. Guru was there for Noom every step of the way during their big period of growth where they hired 1,000+ health coaches!  

Check out her interview so you can learn how the right content structure can make producing and finding Guru cards a snap, and how you can maintain a large knowledge base (fact: Noom has over 3,500 users and 10,000+ Guru cards). And as always, check out the original thread in the Guru community if you want to ask any questions. 

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