Feature Update: Custom Prompts with Assist + Assist for Readers

Last verified Jul 25, 2023

When we first launched Assist, we knew we were releasing one of our most important generative AI features. Countless Guru users were excited to have this feature built into their knowledge base, and we knew that we were going to change the way that people write and work for the better. 

But most importantly, we knew that the launch was only the beginning of our work with Assist.


Whether you’re creating or consuming knowledge, Assist is here to help. We’ve made your personal writing and editing partner even better with our latest updates to the feature. Authors have a new and fully customizable way to create and edit their knowledge. On top of that, readers can now benefit from Assist by using the feature to easily consume content and take their knowledge comprehension to the next level. Let’s take some time to dive into what you can do with our latest updates to Assist. 

Start writing in seconds

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is just getting started. Between brain-dumping ideas, jumping around from your intro and conclusion, and trying to get your formatting right, you may find that you’ve spent hours “writing” with little to show for it.

"The AI Assist tool is amazing. It's helping me so much in reviewing all our copy wording in our internal content and helping me revise our external content. It is a godsend since I am not a copywriter." Chris Aleman - Knowledge Program Lead at Favor

Assist can act as a guiding light for authors facing the intimidating task of creating new knowledge. By using custom prompts with Assist, authors can request outlines, introductory paragraphs, or even complete templates on specific topics. By simply asking Assist to generate content on a specific subject or provide guidance on the structure of their writing, authors can overcome writer's block and feel confident in sharing valuable information in Guru. 

Need some ideas on how you can use Assist to get over the dreaded “blank page” state of writing? Here are just a few examples of some prompts that can help you get started:

  • Create an outline for a competitor battlecard

  • Write me two introductory paragraphs on product design best practices

  • Draft a company newsletter outline

Your editing partner tailored to your needs

Editing knowledge is a breeze with the existing Assist actions (Summarize, Improve, Adjust tone, and Translate). However, we know that each author has unique needs for refining their writing. 

With custom prompts, authors can tell Assist exactly what they would like it to do in one go. This means an author can ask Assist to take multiple actions across their writing or create a unique action they couldn’t utilize before. With custom prompts, authors gain full flexibility to tailor Assist to their own needs.

“Assist really helped make things easier. I just grabbed important pieces from the deck, added them to a draft, and then it just put it together for me. I felt like I was cheating…This is super helpful for me. This usually takes a lot of time to create a cheat sheet or a summary of what is in a larger deck. And this has been a huge time saver." Linda Moore - Sr. Sales Enablement Specialist

There’s so much you can do with Assist’s improved editing features. Try out these custom prompts the next time you’re creating a Card (especially the last one): 

  • Refine the flow of this Card, then adjust the tone to be conversational, and add a summary to the top of it.

  • Summarize my writing, then change the tone to be more sympathetic and friendly

  • Rewrite my knowledge into a poem that has a Halloween/spooky theme 

Empowering efficient knowledge consumption

Not only do authors have the power of Assist when creating and editing knowledge, but readers can also use Assist. Readers can generate a summary of a Guru Card, enabling them to quickly grasp the main points without spending excessive time reading all of the content. Authors don’t have to worry about accidental changes to their work - any Assist action that a reader takes won't change or edit the Card’s content. 


Assist can also help readers determine actionable takeaways from a Card. By extracting key points and action items, users can easily identify the most relevant information and promptly apply it to their work or projects. This streamlines knowledge application and enhances productivity.

Readers can also use Assist to translate knowledge into commonly used languages. This functionality accommodates users who are more comfortable consuming content in their native language, fostering inclusivity and making knowledge accessible to a broader audience.

Boost efficiency for everyone

Whether you’re consuming or creating, Assist is your AI-powered partner to help transform the way you interact with knowledge. With custom prompts in Assist, authors can wave goodbye to writer's block and start creating new knowledge quickly and efficiently. And refining their writing is now a breeze, allowing knowledge creators to tell Assist exactly how to edit their work. 

By tailoring information to individual needs, Assist enables readers to consume knowledge more efficiently by helping them customize their learning experience. Assist serves as the ultimate companion for knowledge creators and consumers, giving them the confidence they need to continue creating and sharing knowledge with others.