Guru Closes $30 Million Series C Funding, Led by Accel

Last verified Mar 11, 2022

Slack. Atlassian. Dropbox. These are names synonymous with collaboration. And right now, they’re more crucial than ever as companies find themselves having to adjust abruptly to their new remote environments. Our mission has been to redefine collaboration in knowledge management and completely change how organizations consume and share knowledge. Today, we’re excited to announce that Guru is joining the Accel family that includes these iconic collaboration pioneers. We’re excited to partner with Miles Clements and the entire Accel team to fulfill our mission to make knowledge management more collaborative.


I’ll be honest; it feels surreal to share this good news during a time when there is so much sad and scary stuff happening in our world. But during this time of so much uncertainty, our team at Guru has been focused on what we can do for our customers—and what we can do for each other and our families. We’re grateful for the opportunity to secure a $30M round of funding to continue our work. Accel is leading the round, alongside existing investors Emergence Capital, Thrive Capital, FirstMark Capital, Slack and Michael Dell’s MSD Capital.

When we hear from our customers that they don’t know how they’d work without Guru, we know we’re making a difference. Whether it’s helping teams onboard new members faster, giving support teams greater confidence in solving customer requests, or enabling sales teams to close deals faster, we’re always thrilled and humbled to see how collaborative knowledge management leads to better team and business results. The importance of trusted knowledge has only increased now that companies of every size are transitioning to remote work, changing their services to meet needs, and responding to sudden drops (or increases) in demand. We're proud to support our customers as they face these unique and unprecedented challenges. Given recent events, we are increasing our commitment to making sure that collaborative knowledge management feels easy and is attainable for all teams.

We’ve also been adding to our own team to make sure we’ve got the right people in place to deliver for our customers. Paul Hepworth joined us as VP of Engineering last September after more than 8 years building the engineering team at UserTesting. In January of this year, Jason Maynard joined us as VP of Product after over 7 years leading different product teams at Zendesk, including their knowledge management, data, and analytics teams. They are both already making a great impact at Guru.

Lastly, we’ve been focused on continuing to live our values at Guru. These days, we are finding that these values are what help us through the tough days and allow us to recognize and enjoy the good ones. Here are some highlights we hope you enjoy…

Don’t take yourself too seriously


Costume day for Guru's #liftyourspirits week

Give first


Seek and share knowledge


Jumpstart your remote work policies with our straightforward templates

Embrace the journey


As always, we’re here for you, so please reach out. We’d love to hear about the organizations you care about that we might be able to support. If you need a virtual DJ, Max on our team is amazing. And if you just want some quick help to get your team up and running with knowledge sharing during this time, we’re here—and happy—to provide it.