Guru Named One of Forbes' 20 Rising Stars in Cloud Computing

Last verified Apr 26, 2021

This week, Guru was named one of Forbes’ 20 Rising Stars in cloud computing. The Rising Stars list is an extension of the Forbes Cloud 100 list, which ranks the best private cloud software companies. This year's Rising Stars list spans industries from fintech to developer tools. Guru was the only knowledge management solution featured on either list.


I had the privilege of representing Guru at the Forbes Cloud 100 event held earlier this week at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. I was thrilled to see many of our customers recognized on this year's list. While I'm biased, I believe that Guru is a secret weapon for these innovative companies. Guru empowers knowledge workers to work smarter, drive revenue, and out-compete their competitors.

I've been a Guru employee now for three months. I've seen us do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our hundreds of customers. I've seen us live our core values and work together to make our company a little bit better every day. And I've seen us make decisions with the long term in mind, because achieving our mission will take us many years. If you'd like join our mission, we are hiring in both Philadelphia and San Francisco.

And what exactly is our mission? At Guru, we believe that the knowledge you need to do your job should find you when you need it. In most companies, institutional knowledge plays hard-to-get, frustrating workers and reducing their effectiveness. It doesn't have to be that way. Guru unifies your company's knowledge, verifies its accuracy, and serves it up in real-time when and where your employees need it. Guru empowers support agents to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. Guru empowers sales reps to earn "trusted advisor" status with prospects, leading to faster closes and larger deals. Guru empowers customer success managers to get out of "ticket chasing" mode, earning upsells along the way. And on and on...

Guru already does all of the above for hundreds of customers, including public companies like Square (NYSE:SQ) and Shopify (NYSE:SHOP), Forbes Cloud 100 companies like Procore (#5), Intercom (#20), and InVision (#23), and many more companies of all sizes. On behalf of my colleagues, I'd like to thank our Guru champions at these companies and at every one of our customers. You saw our potential, rallied your colleagues to choose Guru over legacy alternatives, and continue to evangelize us. Without a doubt, the messages we celebrate the most inside Guru tend to be from customers who take the time to write to us. We are grateful for your support.

While we at Guru are thrilled with the Forbes Rising Star recognition, we remain steadfast in our focus on our customers' success. We love helping our customers deliver better results for their customers. We love watching our customers achieve market leadership and sustain it over the long term. I am excited about what the next year will bring for Guru and our customers. In a world where the difference between "I know" and "I don't know" is the difference between winning and losing, Guru is a must-have secret weapon for any CEO. You can learn more here.