Guru + Slack: The Key to Unearthing a Goldmine of Useful Company Information

Last verified Jan 18, 2023

Seeking and sharing knowledge in Slack

Real talk: Guru would not be able to live up to our Golden Rule of Internal Communications if it weren’t for Slack. We’re a hybrid workplace with team members across different time zones, with very different work styles and diverse lives outside of work. Slack is the place where we collaborate and share information, whether it’s getting feedback on a product feature or sharing adorable pictures of pets. With almost three-quarters of Guru’s employees working remotely, we depend on Slack for both live and asynchronous conversations. 

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And we know we’re not alone. 2.65 billion actions are taken in Slack each day, including sending messages, taking huddles calls, sharing files, conducting searches, using integrations, and reacting with emojis. That is a whole lot of info sharing!

Going back to Guru’s Golden Rule, we believe that info sharing is so important that we made “Seek and Share Knowledge” one of our core values as a company. Guru uses Guru to curate and maintain the most important information, so it can easily be surfaced again as people do their jobs. But even with info easily accessible in Guru, the “questions'' and “help” channels we’ve set up in Slack are among our busiest. 

If you use Slack, you can probably relate to this! Every company with Slack as their digital HQ has their version of  #product-questions, #help-it, and #hr-questions. These channels are a great way to connect your company’s MVPs to real-world questions and issues, but with so much going on, you want to ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. We’ve all seen how quickly conversations can move in Slack, and while experts do their best to keep up, they can’t be everywhere all at once.

When life moves fast in Slack, Guru helps you keep up


Guru’s Slack app is designed for capturing and sharing important company information. It’s an all-in-one solution for capturing information, sharing it, and keeping it fresh. When an expert answers a question, they can easily add that answer to Guru, right from Slack. This captures in-the-moment knowledge and makes it easy to surface when it’s needed again. If an expert sees an open question with an answer that’s already been recorded in Guru, they can share that answer that they’ve previously written right in the Slack channel where they’re working.

We’ve heard from our customers that this powerful Slack integration helps keep everyone focused on work, without having to navigate around different programs to find what they need. It’s a great example of Guru’s commitment to working where–and how–you do.

But what if Guru could help your experts unearth themes in Slack conversations that they might not have noticed yet?


That’s exactly what Guru’s new Trending Topics for Slack feature is designed to do. Remember our expert from earlier, who’s popping from thread to thread answering questions? Questions are flying fast and furious, and they probably aren’t tagged in all the threads where they might provide help. That means they probably dedicate a chunk of their workday to scanning Slack for things they missed. With Trending Topics, they can reclaim that scanning time and let Guru’s latest feature deliver them highlights from the busiest Slack channels. It’s a way to sift for those golden nuggets of info that might otherwise get overlooked.

Using AI technology to sift through messages, Trending Topics identifies the hottest and highest-impact themes and makes sure they’re seen by experts. This saves time and helps your company’s MVPs focus on their highest-value work. Experts just invite the Guru Slack app to a channel, set up a Trending Topics subscription, and get a digest delivered to them via direct message on a schedule that they choose. 

Each digest includes a quick summary of frequently-referenced topics from the channel, along with links to the individual threads that mention these topics. The SME can click into these threads and add the information to Guru where it’s saved, verified, and searchable. It’s a simple workflow that creates an information flywheel, all inside Slack!

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Getting started is a snap when Guru helps you prioritize

Guru’s Trending Topics for Slack is a great way to help teams who are new to Guru by identifying the most important information for them to capture. Let’s say your People Ops team wants to get up and running with Guru, but they’re in the middle of open enrollment for benefits. Questions from employees keep popping up in the dedicated Slack channel, so someone (maybe multiple “someones,” depending on the size of the company!) is checking the channel and replying to threads. This Q&A is taking up the time that the People Ops expert might otherwise be spending on other urgent work.


With Trending Topics, experts on the People Ops team can subscribe to a digest and get the most pressing questions delivered to them right in Slack. Guru’s Slack app automatically points team members to the topics that people care about the most, showing these experts exactly the info they most urgently need to save in Guru. The best part is, since this knowledge has already been written in Slack threads, all the expert needs to do is add that thread to Guru using our “Create Card” or “Add to existing Card” commands, no extra typing required!

Now imagine Trending Topics alerting your IT team to questions that should be added to your tech documentation, or your Product Marketing team building a product FAQ out of questions that are actually “frequently asked.” Guru’s helpful Slackbot is like having a full-time team member summarizing what’s most important in your busy chat environment.

Guru’s customers are coming up with awesome ways to use Trending Topics to curate their knowledge. One of the great things about Trending Topics is that it helps experts spot gaps in their knowledge that they didn’t know existed. “The feature has helped me identify valuable info that I otherwise would not have been able to capture," says Tim Subealdea, Knowledge Management Specialist at Wizehire.

Valerie Renda, Associate Director of Marketing Systems Strategy at Kepler Group, is also filling in those informational blank spots.

“With the rollout of Trending Topics for Slack, we've been more easily able to identify where our knowledge gaps are and where Guru can help reduce time wasted in answering duplicate questions. Kepler is a data-driven digital marketing agency, so data backs everything we do - having automated, quantitative data on trending topics across our Slack help channels is the type of push we need for generating more curated content and boosting the way we use it in Slack.”

Nathan Anderson, Associate Program Manager, Support Content Operations at AirTable is using the feature as part of his program to incentivize authors to capture knowledge in Guru.

“The Trending Topics feature in Guru comes at a perfect moment for our Support team as we continue our adoption of KCS principles, and gives us foundational knowledge of the most asked-about areas of the product. From this foundation, we have plans to post regular and timely ‘knowledge bounties’ in order to focus the knowledge creation efforts of our authors on the areas of greatest potential impact for team efficiency, as well as creating a more ‘gamified’ author experience.”

Guru + Slack for the whole knowledge lifecycle

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For a lot of remote and hybrid teams, Slack is where people go to do their work. They send messages, share ideas, and ask and answer questions–dozens of times a day. That’s why Guru wants to help you identify and capture the most important information that you’ve already written in Slack. Keep team members engaged in their work, all while boosting efficiency. It’s an up-side to the new world of work: just imagine trying to save the information that gets casually shared in meeting rooms and kitchens in offices!

With Guru + Slack, you can create a true knowledge lifecycle for your company. Experts get help identifying information, creating it, and keeping it fresh–all built into the way you’re already working, and easily searchable by people who need to learn.

Want to give Guru + Slack a try? This powerful integration is available on all Guru plans. Get started today!

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