Guru Customer Q&A: ServiceSource

Last verified May 27, 2021

Guru the Gathering is Guru's user group program, where Guru admins and power users meet up to share ideas, tips, and resources for how to best leverage Guru to level up their teams and career. During our most recent event, we interviewed Brantley Merritt, a seasoned knowledge manager on the learning & development team at ServiceSource.

ServiceSource is the leader in outsourced B2B growth solutions. They sell products on behalf of their customers, known to their teams as ‘logos.’ Serving big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, ServiceSource uses Guru to enable their sales delivery teams and unify all the knowledge across various tools and ecosystems. Until recently, the ServiceSource onboarded their teams and new clients using multiple knowledge bases, leaving information inaccessible and dispersed across platforms. Now, ServiceSource leverages Guru as their #1 source of information to do their jobs.


How does your company use Guru?

Our Sales Delivery organization for the various logos we support through inside sales, customer success, and renewals management. 

🧠 1800+ Guru users, recently upgraded to 2600

🌎 20 Sales Delivery Teams using Guru

🖥️ Tech stack: Microsoft ecosystem including Teams, Salesforce

What challenges did your team face before Guru?

We had multiple KB platforms, all of which were administrative nightmares to maintain. Adoption of these platforms was extremely low and there weren't valuable analytics to show us what content was working well but also what content was current or outdated.

How important would you say a knowledge management tool is to your team? 

To our team who manages the content, it is a game changer. To the consumers of the content, it's a great compliment to our LMS. The LMS and Guru work together to provide a standard onboarding experience for new employees. Guru provides account specific training content and the LMS provides professional development content. To our leaders, it's extremely important as it relates to onboarding and documenting updated processes.

What has been the greatest impact Guru has had on your organization?

Guru has simply made my life easier. I have visibility into content performance, usage, and trust scores for the first time in years.  We create content that provides detailed processes and resources for any scenario a sales rep may encounter in their role. For example, we will create the end-to-end sales process and link various cards throughout the process as it relates to product information, battlecards, objection handling, and standard email templates to use. I've been accustomed to having zero insights into what's happening within the knowledge base and now I have access to see everything that's working and not working.


Could you elaborate by sharing any success metrics you have that reflect Guru's impact on your team?

We have seen an increase in adoption and also an increase in demand of users wanting access to Guru. We've also been able to raise our trust score by 30 points in H1 2020.

Any additional thoughts you want to share? 

I've used many KB platforms in my career and demoed others on the market. Guru has simply built a product for the millennial learner and really anyone who struggles to find content that they can trust is accurate. It's hard to imagine Guru not being the market leader in KB software in the coming years.