Guru + Zapier + Your Most-Loved Apps = Software That Collaborates Like You Do

Last verified Aug 26, 2021

Guru is designed to power collaboration by living where you already work. It’s a better way to wiki, letting you collect, share, and verify knowledge so work gets done wherever (or regardless of where) you and your teammates are located. 

The challenge is that even the most efficient teams do their work across multiple systems. That’s like working in multiple rooms at once. Check your tabs: you’ve probably got tools for reporting, project tracking, and note-taking open on your browser!

It's safe to assume that you're using manual processes to get these systems to cooperate, and there’s a lot of context switching required to do your day-to-day work. Anyone who’s had to go into an application, request a data download, and check their email for the CSV that they have to open in Google Sheets or Excel feels this pain. A whole lot of information simply never gets shared due to the challenges in getting it out of various applications.

If only there was a way to improve the collaboration between your apps.

We’ve got good news: it’s not just people who work better together with Guru—now more of your apps can collaborate, too! 

With Guru’s Zapier app, anyone can automate the knowledge management process across systems so Guru can become BFFs with all your mission-critical apps… and you don’t have to be a developer to get started.


Zapier lets you build with us - no coding required

Zapier’s easy automation platform allows you to quickly design a whole host of business processes so your systems can work together seamlessly with no coding required. Just pick the app you want to connect to Guru, select what you need it to do, and presto: the process runs in the background and you reap the benefits.

Zapier workflow automations are great partners to Guru’s out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, G Suite, and Microsoft Teams. If you’ve dreamed about connecting Guru to any (or all!) of your apps, now’s your chance to build with us and create the Guru experience you’ve always wanted!

Best of all, Zapier is free to get started so there’s nothing holding you back from DIY’ing your way into automation today. Start connecting Guru with your most-loved apps like Jira,, and Google Drive so you can collect, find, and update knowledge in Guru, without all the copying, pasting, and context switching.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

  • What you need to get started

  • Quick Zaps for our most-requested integrations

Getting started with Guru + Zapier

You’ll need a Zapier account to start creating automated workflows. Zapier is a no-code solution that makes it easy for people without developer expertise to get started implementing automated workflows.

Zapier calls the workflows that are created with its software “Zaps.” When you connect Guru with your project management app, ticketing system, CRM, or other mission-critical application, the magic starts Zap-pening!

Zapier offers a free license that gets you started with a limited number of single-step Zaps. We’ve outlined three of our favorite starter Zaps below.  Zapier supports multi-step Zaps and other advanced features on its premium plans. 

Visit the Zapier website to get started today.

Let’s try some Zaps!

In the spirit of sharing knowledge, we’ve gathered three Zaps that will get you off to an inte-GREAT start!


Guru + Jira: A better way to keep knowledge fresh

Fun fact: Jira is Guru’s number one most-searched-for integration in our help center. With Guru + Jira Zaps, you can pair triggers and actions to get these apps to work together. We’ll get you started with one that comes up frequently for our users: create Jira Software Cloud issues from unverified Guru cards.

With this Zap, every time a Guru card becomes unverified, an issue will automatically be created within Jira. This makes it easy for subject matter experts (SMEs) to see the knowledge they need to update in the system they already use to track their work. Their teammates can rest assured that the knowledge they surface can be trusted. 

Try the Zap here.


Guru + Google Drive: A better way to search Docs, Slides, and Sheets 

It’s a tale as old as time: you want your team members to have the most up-to-date company documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. It’s a hassle for them to go into Google Drive, click through a bunch of folders, and find what they need. It’s an extra step for you to create Guru cards embedding the docs to make them easily searchable. Docs wind up buried, information gets siloed, and you all wind up frustrated.

Worry no more, because Zapier’s automations with Guru and Google Drive have your back!

Use this Zap to automatically create a new Guru card when you save a document in a connected Google Drive folder.  The Google Doc will be embedded into the card in an iFrame so knowledge seekers will see the freshest updates instantly. Your teammates will have the documents they need as soon as they’re ready, right in their system of record, with no extra steps required.

Try the Zap here.


Guru + A better way to take the “management” out of “knowledge management”

The key to a successful knowledge management strategy is keeping shared information relevant and up-to-date. Guru’s comments feature allows knowledge seekers to ask for clarification and updates from SMEs on specific cards. 

Make sure your SMEs can easily keep track of the comments they need to address by flagging them where they’re already working.

With this Zap, you can get comments directly into’s workflow management tool so SMEs can easily see and respond to open comments. Make knowledge management a seamless part of their workflow and make it even easier to keep knowledge fresh.

Try the Zap here.

What’s next?

Guru has taken a comprehensive approach to the triggers and actions that you can use in your Zaps. Visit our Zapier integration page to see a list of all the processes you can automate in Guru. You can let your creativity go wild! Just think of all the time you can save capturing knowledge in Guru, keeping it verified, and pushing Guru knowledge into the places where you and your team are working.

We want to hear how you’re creating Zaps! Visit our Community and share your favorite Zaps with fellow Guru users. We’ll be sharing some of our favorites here in the future.