How to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Last verified May 27, 2021

What is Sales Effectiveness?

Sales effectiveness is how well your teams use the tools available to achieve sales goals along the entire buyer journey continuum. The processes built around your sales effectiveness strategy will drive revenue. Having this expertise right at their fingertips allows your reps to add value to every sales cycle, which is one of the best ways a rep can increase their win ratio and improve their sales effectiveness.

How To Improve Sales Effectiveness

If you want to improve sales effectiveness, start by monitoring the performance of your sales team and optimizing the processes they follow in their sales efforts. Here are some sales effectiveness best practices you can use to  build and manage a dynamic sales process that your sales teams can rely on to establish and grow beneficial client relationships:

Increase the availability of information

Provide your sales teams with a single source of information, insight, and tools to do their jobs. Make sure your sales enablement content is accessible in every workflow your salespeople use, and easy to find and update. 

Increase capacity for collaboration

When you have systems in place that make it easy for sales and marketing to collaborate, you’ll see an increase in sales activity and revenue. To promote and encourage collaboration, provide the tools that make collaboration seamless and empower your teams to share.

Automate administrative tasks

When you automate tasks like updating call logs, searching leads or creating deal-related workflows, you’ll give your sales teams more time to sell.


Simplify your CRM system

Most CRM systems become bulky over time. Removing extraneous and irrelevant sections from your CRM system will make it easier for your sales teams to find and use the information necessary to build relationships with prospects and close deals.

Make sales training a regular event

Make it easy for sales reps to refresh their skills, learn new ways to handle objections and build their technical knowledge. Training should not stop after onboarding a new sales rep

Gather customer feedback

Customer feedback is highly useful in improving your product or service. But it is also a critical component of your sales process. When you capture customer feedback and then analyze it, you’ll better understand customer needs and discover ways to deepen brand value and enhance customer loyalty.

Sales Effectiveness Tools

Sales teams need to quickly respond to the needs of their prospects and clients. When client-facing teams are aligned and have access to ongoing knowledge and subject matter expertise, they are empowered to have valuable conversations that drive revenue and boost sales effectiveness. Sales effectiveness tools, like these, help to enhance productivity and increase sales:

  • Knowledge management software: Knowledge management software is designed to capture the information you need, verify and organize it, and make it easy for your sales teams to retrieve and share. These systems are essential for improving sales. KM software can include document management systems, content management systems, wikis, and more.

  • Contract management software: This type of software can track tasks, set reminders and store and make available contracts, client communications and contract templates. By using contract management software, your sales teams can locate the right contract information at the right time, without wasting time.

  • Sales performance platforms: These platforms amalgamate data and give real-time insight into productivity as well as reminders about goals. These platforms help monitor and guide sales teams in ways designed to improve their close rates and shorten sales cycles.

  • CRM systems: Customer relationship management systems are designed to organize customer information and metrics and make that information available to your sales teams and other departments in your organization. When your sales teams know more about client and prospect likes, dislikes and expectations, they will be able to propose offers that fully resonate.

  • Cloud contact centers: These systems, which can integrate with CRM systems, can manage client interaction via phone, web, email, text or social media. Sales teams can work with a single dashboard for a more efficient workflow and increased productivity.

Leverage Guru to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Of all the advice we can offer to improve sales effectiveness, this is the most important: Make sure all the information your sales teams need is right at their fingertips – and be assured that information is always up to date. Find out how you can leverage Guru’s knowledge management solutions to improve sales effectiveness.