Guru Context: Use Cases

Last verified Dec 18, 2019


According to a McKinsey Report, Sales Reps spend 20% of their time just searching for the right information.

Imagine how many more deals your organization can win if they spend that time selling?

Guru ensures your sales team has expert-verified answers to anything that may come up in a sales cycle. Answers to product questions, competitive positioning, case studies, and objection handling are now built right into your web browser and put in front of the team when they need it.

Guru 'Context' takes the idea of having knowledge right in your workflow one step further. With Guru Context enabled, your team will see the relevant knowledge or assets you want them to see based on the URL or apps they are working in.

As an example, in Salesforce as a Sales Rep configures an opportunity and indicates fields like industry or competitor, Guru will assemble the case studies and competitor positioning you want your reps to use. No more digging around for information and wondering if it’s right, or shoulder tapping experts to ask them the same question again. (A short demo video is found here)

It's like Google Now, but for your team's knowledge.


Guru Context will work with any website or app opened in Chrome or Firefox, so if your team needs knowledge in the apps or webpages they use, you can use Guru Context to surface that knowledge right in their workflow.

What 'Context' options are available?

There are several ways to configure Guru Context:

  1. URLs/Websites - Suggest Guru Cards/Boards whenever your team is on a specific URL/Website.

  2. Field Matches - Suggest Guru Cards/Boards to your team based on the fields/field values in the application you and your team uses. Use on any field in your CRM, such as competitor, product, industry, etc.

  3. Searches - Suggest Guru Cards/Boards to your team whenever they do a search in a web app they use. Enable Gmail/email Search, Google Drive Search, CRM Search, etc. and they'll see relevant Guru knowledge every time your team looks in one of those sources as well.

  4. Chats/Forums - Suggest Guru Cards/Boards to your team whenever there is an online chat going on in places like Chatter, Yammer, forums, etc that matches relevant Guru knowledge.

Common Use Cases?

  • Sales Stage & Process - Ensure your reps know what to do at each stage by suggesting your Sales Process based on the Opportunity Stage.

  • Competitive/Product/Industry - Suggest your best, most up-to- date sales knowledge/assets based on the sales scenario.

  • Support - Guru can listen to issue description fields in support applications and help suggest relevant knowledge.

  • Answer Common Q&A - by listening to common chat channels and suggesting Guru relevant knowledge

  • Customized Documentation - SaaS apps are often customized. Put documentation on application customization right on the page that was customized

  • Processes and Procedures - Put your processes & procedures right in the users workflow.

If you have any questions or would like additional information please reach out to us and we can assist you (Click your avatar (the settings menu) and select 'Contact Us').