Introducing Guru Starter: Free Knowledge Management for Growing Teams

Last verified Apr 12, 2021

When we started Guru, we witnessed nothing but old attempts to solve an old problem. Instead of building another outdated silo of knowledge no one wanted to use, we flipped the problem on its head, and designed Guru to be purpose-built to bring always up-to-date, expert-verified knowledge into people’s workflows with our Slack integration and browser extension. We’ve helped support teams reduce first response time to customer questions by 60%, sales teams increase average contract value by 67%, entire companies reduce repeat questions by 34%, and more by making it easy for everyone to capture, retrieve, and share knowledge. And now, we’re excited to enable more teams than ever before to realize these same benefits with our forever free Starter plan.

Why we created the Starter plan

We’ve learned from our customers, prospects, and our own experience that the earlier knowledge management is introduced into a company, the easier it is to create and maintain. Think about the difference of documenting the details of a new product release as you prepare for it versus documenting all of your releases for the past year after the fact. Now, think about doing that for all of your company’s knowledge. Building a knowledge base — and more importantly, a culture of knowledge sharing — from the start has compounding effects as a company grows and scales. We created the Starter plan to allow every company to build that solid foundation without a barrier to entry. 

Knowledge that finds you.

The easiest way to get started quickly with Guru, the Starter plan is designed to help teams understand and take advantage of the benefits of real-time, in-workflow knowledge management. Our browser extension brings expert-verified knowledge to any site your team uses, including Salesforce, Gmail, and more, and our Slackbot helps you share valuable knowledge in the context of any conversation. And for smaller teams where everyone is an expert in something, Guru makes it easy, fast, and convenient to document knowledge anywhere and everywhere you work, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time. 

Who is the Starter plan for?

The Starter plan is purpose-built for small, fast-paced, growing teams looking to create a solid foundation of knowledge sharing at their company. Our goal is to help teams set themselves up for success before they have a knowledge management mountain to climb — and by offering this plan of Guru for free for the first 10 users, we hope to eliminate any challenges associated with getting started. 

As these teams grow and scale over time, it’s important to note that their goals and requirements of a knowledge management system will change. We’ve designed the Starter plan to be a seamless upgrade to any of Guru’s more advanced plans, which include features like analytics, advanced user permissioning, content performance tracking, AI integrations, and more

For larger teams who are starting out with more advanced knowledge management system requirements, we offer 30-day free trials of both the Builder and Expert plans of Guru, which may be a more appropriate choice. Our team is always happy to work with you to understand your goals and determine which plan is best for you, and will serve as an ongoing resource to help you get the most out of whatever Guru plan you choose. 

We can’t wait to see how the Starter plan enables more teams than ever to become knowledge-driven cultures. As we work with more of these teams, we’ll continue to develop the Starter plan to best serve their current and future needs, and set them up for long-term success. If you’re ready to get started, we’re excited to begin this journey with you! Head on over to our pricing page to get started with your free Starter plan account or 30-day free trials of our Builder and Expert plans.