Introducing Slack Actions for Guru

Last verified May 20, 2021

Slack, the world’s leading collaboration hub, enables organizations to connect all of their business applications into one place. With Slack, everyone has immediate access to both the people and tools they need to get their work done successfully. As a result, Slack has become a leading destination for the enterprise, with users actively engaged in Slack for an average of 2.5 hours a day. Today, we’re thrilled to announce how Guru will be supporting Slack’s newest major feature, Actions.

As Slack continues to become a central place for our customers to work, it’s imperative that Guru continues to live there as well. We built our Slack bot in 2016 to easily allow you to capture, search, and distribute knowledge directly in the app. Our bot is now being used by over 85% of our customers including companies like Shopify, Square, Intercom, Dell, TaskRabbit, Greenhouse and Optimizely.

For those familiar with Guru’s previous iteration of our Slack Bot, we have used emoji reactions to achieve certain functionality. More specifically, the ability to search your Guru knowledge base and add content as knowledge is being shared in Slack. The limitations with this workaround were three-fold:

  • Users need to actually know that functionality exists, because it’s not immediately obvious

  • You needed to know which exact reaction to add

  • You needed to invite the bot into a channel in order to enable any of these capabilities

Introducing Slack Actions

Today, we’re really excited to announce we’re supporting Slack Actions on day one. While the promise of connecting all of your business apps into one place has been realized, Slack Actions makes the experience of accessing and utilizing these applications more seamless than ever.


With the introduction of Slack Actions, or shortcuts that help you quickly turn Slack messages into tasks or follow-ups, your business applications are more integrated with Slack than ever.

How it works

When you are working with your team in Slack and something pops up that warrants a next step, you can use an action to kick things off directly from a Slack message. Actions make it quick and simple to do things like create a task in your project management tool right from Slack, so nothing falls through the cracks as you go about your day.

Guru’s Slack Actions

Out of the gate, Guru is going to support two major Actions: “create a card”, and “answer with card”. These Actions will represent a much more seamless UX for Guru + Slack customers, and allow you to continue to get more work done.

Answer with Card

Slack is amazing at facilitating knowledge sharing and Q&A, so we enabled our bot to answer these questions with Guru knowledge as they surface in Slack. With the Answer with Card Action, our users will be able to do 2 things:

  1. Create knowledge from a message (via action with another user)

  2. Answer a question (via action with another user)


Create Card

As subject matter experts field questions in Slack, it’s imperative we capture their expertise as they’re sharing it. With Create Card, simply click the Actions button and save that knowledge to Guru, making it instantly accessible through our Slack bot for future searches.


Moving forward

We’re committed to continuing to build a best in class Slack bot that solves real problems for our customers, and delivers an amazing experience in Slack. We are excited to see what Actions allows our customers to do, and will continue to explore building out additional Actions to make using Guru in Slack even easier.