Introducing the New Guru Community

Last verified Aug 4, 2021

One of our core values at Guru is to seek and share knowledge. This rings true for everything we do—and build—at Guru, and it rings true for Guru admins and authors who work to build out a central knowledge source at their companies. As our user base grew and more and more customers asked us to connect with each other, talk through strategic approaches, and share Card examples, we realized it was time for a new era of Guru knowledge sharing: the Guru Community.

The early days

We've always had grand plans for the Guru Community, but in order to bring the vision to life, we had to start small. We identified our most passionate Guru customers—knowledge champions who were eager for inspiration and never missed the opportunity to learn how to use Guru in new and exciting ways and share product feedback. While interviewing these customers and asking what they’d love to get out of a Guru Community, we discovered some common themes people wanted.


Our users needed a space to connect with each other, ask questions about all things related to Guru and knowledge management, and also share and discuss ideas about the best ways to leverage Guru. We rolled out the Guru Community on Slack, turning channels into conversations around tips and tricks, product feedback, and announcements so members could stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest ways to use Guru. Sparks flew, and it wasn’t long before we organically grew to over 500 members. Along the way, we listened to feedback and ideas from the community and shaped an experience to create the most value possible for our members.


The time had come to take the Guru Community to the next level.

Scaling with (and for) our customers

Reaching the 500 Guru Community member milestone prompted us to pause and reflect. Before we expanded, we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves what the true value of the Guru Community was and how to improve the experience.

For the Guru team, the Guru Community has been an exceptional source of inspiration. Seeing posts detailing product ideas and current challenges customers are working through gives us invaluable insights.

For Guru customers, the Guru Community has allowed them to build their network, stay up-to-date with new features, implement new uses of Guru at their companies, and grow in their personal roles. Here’s what they said…

We knew it was time to transition to a new community platform where Guru users could feel even more connected to and supported by each other and the Guru team.

🎉You’re invited to the NEW Guru Community!🎉

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new and improved Guru Community. Now, you can enjoy an upgraded member experience. If you’re not already a member of the Guru Community, you can join us by visiting Anyone with a Guru account can log in and engage in the community. Here are a few ways you can dive right in:

Ask questions and connect

Access the Q&A forum to search conversations and quickly find answers covering common how-tos and best practices. Post about your own Guru experience and current knowledge management challenges to get input from other Guru users.


Give product feedback

Our product gets better with feedback and collaboration, just as knowledge does. Head to the Product Feedback section of the Guru Community to submit feedback, upvote and follow product suggestions, and interact directly with our Product team. Find out what’s popular, what’s in progress, and easily search for new ideas.


Stay up-to-date with announcements

You’ll never miss an announcement when you’re in the Guru Community. Stay in the know about upcoming events, early access programs, new features, and more.


A new era

It’s a new day for the Guru Community, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who's been a part of building this community so far. Please keep the feedback coming and let us know how we can make this community the most valuable resource possible. Together, we’ve built the Guru Community to be a true source of connection for you and your teams, and we’re excited to embark on this next chapter with you. See you inside!