Knowledge, AI, and the Guru Difference for HR

Last verified May 11, 2023

Almost every employed person is wondering if AI will transform their profession for the better—or replace them entirely. Although we love the idea of working alongside a wacky robot co-worker like Urkelbot, we doubt that’s exactly what the future holds. At Guru, we see a future where we can all use AI to be our most productive selves and do our best work. We know that when AI is paired with the right knowledge practices, the possibilities are endless.

It’s fascinating (and yes, sometimes terrifying) to think about all of the ways different industries will be impacted, and we’re already seeing these transformations take place. But we love thinking about how AI can positively impact the most important departments at work: HR and People Ops.

AI and automation have been a part of the HR space for a while, but recent advancements have put those changes into overdrive. That’s why we’re focusing on bringing those advancements to your teams through Guru. Here are just a few of the ways you can use Guru, AI, and your most important knowledge to do stellar work.  

Cut down on repeat asks

The average workday can be a little unpredictable, but it can be easy to get a sense of déjà vu when you’re working in People Ops. You’ve answered the same question about benefits enrollment 6 separate times to different people this week alone. Of course, you don’t mind helping people out; it’s your job after all. But after a while, those precious minutes spent re-sending the same information can add up. 

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What if instead of having to answer each individual repeat question, you could schedule a company-wide announcement that tells people exactly where to find just the right information about benefits enrollment? Imagine how much more efficient your day could be if people could easily find and discover information on their own. With the help of AI and Guru, you can get time back. 

When your most valuable company information is “self-serve” you free up plenty of your time and empower employees to make the best and most informed decisions. Think about how much time you could devote to mentoring people within your own department. Or how you can finally have time to think about more complex and creative tasks like revamping managerial training or building an inclusive environment. Well, maybe now you can’t because you’re too busy telling people how to order new insurance cards for the 11th time today. But with Guru doing the hard work, you have the luxury of spending time doing the work that inspires you. 

Improve onboarding

How will your employee who just returned from maternity leave get up to speed on the latest projects their team is focused on? Will your employee who just returned from medical leave need more time to get acclimated since they’re still going through treatments? Does the boomerang employee who has only been gone for 3 months really need to go through the entire onboarding process again? 

Getting new employees up to speed and keeping current employees on track can take a lot of time and energy. The power of AI paired with solid knowledge management can make onboarding much less stressful and more efficient for everyone involved. 

Create sections in Guru for different onboarding instances and let people go through the process at their own pace. Or schedule announcements to remind people of the milestones they should be meeting and let them know what’s next. Employees will feel empowered to take as much time as they need to onboard, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re setting employees up for success. 

Make training more efficient

Take a moment to think about how many training sessions go on at work. There’s team-specific training, company-wide training, and other skills employees will need to hone as they grow at your company. 


Ideally, employees should be able to access training materials (recordings, documents, etc.) whenever they need a refresher. As an added bonus, making training materials easily accessible can help ensure that employees don’t have to attend live training sessions to reap their benefits. Imagine taking things a step further and making the training process even more autonomous and accessible. Having suggestions on what materials to review after you complete certain modules can make learning even more efficient and impactful. 

When you have an AI-powered company intranet, you can make your training sessions truly work for your employees. With Guru, you can make entire collections of different sessions with recordings, embedded documents, and related Cards to view after employees are done. Our AI Suggest feature can help guide employees along their training journeys by suggesting additional Cards to review. 

Gather better data

People Ops professionals may be some of the best professional communicators in the business; they’re constantly sending out emails, company Slack messages, and plenty of paperwork and documents. But how much of this is resonating with employees?

Sometimes work can have a bit too much of a “screaming into the void” vibe. Luckily, we have the tech that can help. AI doesn’t just allow people to work smarter, it’s also can give better insight into how people use tools and take action at work.

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In Guru, our analytics dashboard can help you understand how your knowledge is performing, identify gaps in existing knowledge, show you what actions people are taking with your content, and give you valuable insight into how much your content is trusted. 

With our analytics, you can understand trends in your knowledge base and gain insight into what is (and isn’t) being used. Identifying and filling knowledge gaps gets easier when you can see where people have searched for content that hasn’t been created. You’ll create even more impactful and easier-to-find content since you’ll be able to understand how people search vs how your content creators write Cards.  

Guru, HR, and you

Despite what the prognosticators tell you, no one truly knows where advancements in AI will take us. That's why at Guru, we’re using our AI to help people in HR, People Ops, and countless other industries right now. What we’ve mentioned here is only the beginning. We have so many more features to debut, integrations to work in, and ways to do the heavy lifting for you. If that sounds like something you’d love for your team, reach out so we can talk about how you can get Guru.