Remotathon Recap: Scaling 21st Century Customer Support Teams

Last verified May 27, 2021

Guru's digital speaker series Remotathon shines a light on some amazing people and companies — like ShopifySlack, Handshake, and Noom — who shared insights on how we can best support our teams during this tough time.

You can check out highlights of some of the essential CX conversations below, and catch up on all of the sessions here.

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Process & Automation at Scale

Ali Berman, Senior Technical Operations Specialist at Slack, talks processes. Learn how Slack built processes for collecting and updating internal knowledge around product launches and how you can scale and standardize your own product release processes. 

Check out the recording of Ali's full conversation HERE

More than Support: Building a 21st Century CX Team

Hear from Jordan Pedraza, Director of Global Support at Handshake, on the following topics to build a successful 21st century support team: 

  • How to create cross-functional partnerships needed for CX to succeed

  • Best practices for hiring for a modern and growing CX team

  • How to empower career development and growth within CX

Find Jordan's full session HERE

"I've noticed co-located teams don't document things as much. They don't communicate over written  channels as much. You just assume, we talked about it at our desk, we talked about it in our meeting, we're good to go. Whereas with us, it has to be in Guru. If it wasn't documented, it didn't happen."

The Road Less Taken: Build New Career Paths in Support

Brooke Wayne, Program Lead of Communications at Freshbooks, tells us about her professional journey from support agent to creating an entirely new role within the support space. She provides tactical advice for both support leaders and agents regarding how to carve out a meaningful and fulfilling career path within CX.

Listen to Brooke's full journey HERE

"As a leader, find a way to build creative freedom into your culture so that your agents can experiment and try new things to keep work exciting... And allow project goals and progress to be added to performance reviews — so it’s formally recognized."