Sales Enablement Success Roundup: August 2019

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How does the Guru team stay on top of the changing sales enablement landscape? Here's what we're reading to stay ahead of the curve:

Why Sales Enablement Requires Both Marketing And Sales Strategies (Jen Spencer; Forbes Business Development Council)

Key insight: "Sales enablement should be marketing-driven, yet too often, the way leads are treated during marketing can differ from their experience with sales. The careful research that drew prospects to your messaging doesn’t always transition to sales’ needs; thus, you could be cooling leads’ enthusiasm at the exact time you should be further impressing them."Great sales enablement meets a potential customer’s needs from start to finish. You'll need to successfully apply marketing strategy and discovery to the sales process — and foster some collaboration along the way."

Interested in more fresh perspectives on sales enablement? We have a guide for that. 

Emerging Trends in Sales Force Learning and Development (Sales Management Association via Qstream)

Key insight: "Sales forces capable of adapting to new ways of delivering customer value outperform other firms by 32%. Those with salespeople capable of quickly changing roles enjoy a 30% sales performance advantage; those able to implement new sales messaging quickly enjoy a 25% advantage; and those with sales training agile enough to accommodate changing conditions enjoy an advantage of 16% in sales objective achievement over other firms."


Sales Enablement Grows Up: The 2018 Sales Enablement Report (CSO Insights/Brainshark)

Key insight: "Aligning sales processes to the customer’s path is a first step, but enablement must continue the alignment at the services level, aligning content, training and coaching along with underlying value messaging. As an example, effective customer engagement at the interaction level requires a sales team to be equipped with tailored, customer-focused content assets, related value messages and the ability to deliver them in compelling conversations at all stages of the customer path. Such content and delivery must be consistent with the messages customers receive via the organization’s website and social media as well as the messaging delivered in the implementation phase of the customer path."

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