Sales Enablement Success Roundup: October 2019

Last verified May 24, 2021

How does the Guru team stay on top of the changing sales enablement landscape? Here's what we're reading to stay ahead of the curve:

Enablement Is the New Black (Peter Ostrow; SiriusDecisions)

Key insight: “Data shows that enabling only sales reps is an insufficient method of optimizing the customer experience. B2B buyers will have interactions with an average of nine different roles before signing on the dotted line.”


The common theme is recognition that if we reverse engineer from what really matters — obsession with the optimized customer experience — we have no choice but to proactively and consistently enable every single member of the organization and partner ecosystem who will interact with the customer.”

Is Sales Tech an Afterthought in Your Planning Process?(Yuri Dekiba; CSO Insights)

Key insight: “Make it a point to re-prioritize what you are doing, and make time to take the steps to being more proactive about your sales tech planning. 78% of respondents in our 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study indicated their sales tech stack does not address their selling challenges.”“Find out what your sales team’s experience is — inclusive of sales tech or not. Find out what’s working as well as areas that could be improved — with a focus on productivity. Their productivity challenges will differ depending on their sales role.”

Sales tech should not be looked at in a siloed manner. What sales does, including our processes and technologies, impacts other functions, especially marketing and customer success.”

Interested in more fresh perspectives on sales enablement? We have a guide for that.

Three Steps To Take Before Implementing A Sales Enablement Platform (Mark Savinson; Forbes)

Key insight: “It's clear from the data, most sales teams aren’t working. It falls to sales enablement to fix them. When you focus on buyer enablement, you quickly identify that salespeople still play an important role in driving sales—and ultimately profit—but that their place in the buying chain and the associated skills required for them to do their job well have changed.”

“The sales enablement platform market will be worth $2.6 billion by 2024, according to a recent report published by MarketsandMarkets.”


“For any technology implementation to work, the first step must be behavioral. Only then can tools to enhance efficiency be considered.”

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