Sales Knowledge Playbook: Use Front’s Smart Scheduling to Accelerate Your Prospecting

Last verified May 21, 2021

When you’re working hard to get prospects on the phone, you need to be able to schedule a meeting without thinking twice. Sending back-and-forth emails to try to sync up is a burden on your prospects — and another opportunity for your prospect to drop out of the conversation and lose interest. That’s why sales teams who use smart scheduling solutions like Front can’t turn back to working any other way. Front is the collaborative inbox for teams. It comes with Front Calendar, which allows you to open up your Google or Outlook 365 calendar directly in your inbox, right next to your conversations.

Instead of clicking between windows to check your availability and respond, Front lets you focus on what matters: your prospects and customers.

It makes scheduling simple for you to manage, and it takes the burden off your prospects. Here’s how having clear, efficient communication has changed the game for sales teams:


Why AEs and SDRs love Front Calendar

Create events and check availability directly in your inbox

Scheduling a meeting in Front is super simple — you never have to leave your inbox. Just click or drag to select time slots to begin scheduling an event. If you have an email open, the topic and recipients of that email will instantly be added to the event and receive calendar invites. Easy peasy.


Insert availability so prospects can book in a single click

Front Calendar allows you to insert your calendar availability directly into emails. Just select the slots you’re free to copy them all into an email instantly. This allows your busy prospects to book with a single click — no back and forth chatter that causes you to lose momentum on deals.


Insert scheduling links for recurring meetings

With Front, you can create a scheduling link for any type of meeting you want, like a product demo, or an intro call. A scheduling link is a crisp, professional page with your available time slots. Scheduling links make it fast and easy for you to set up meetings, and frictionless for prospects to schedule a time with you.


For every scheduling link, you can customize the dates and details to fit that meeting: like a 30-minute slot with an email reminder 1 day prior, or an hour-long video meeting with a screen share Zoom link.

Pro tip: Add a scheduling link in your email signature, so anyone can book a demo with you from any email you send!

Ask discovery questions while scheduling the meeting

It makes a big difference to come into an intro or discovery call with a few basic pieces of information about your prospect.

In your scheduling links, you can specify questions for the prospect to answer while they book their time slot, like “Are you on Gmail or Office365?” or “What workflows would you like to improve with Front?”

That way, you can prepare for the meeting with information specific to that person. When it comes time to chat, you can jump right in to the meaty stuff.


Schedule meetings in your customer’s time zone

Are your customers in PST, IST, GMT, or somewhere else across the world? No problem. In Front Calendar, you can toggle the time zone easily to adjust for the customer’s region. For reps who are territory-based, you can simply set it and forget it — no more counting hours on your fingers or Googling time zones just in case.


Collaborate with your team to schedule meetings

Front’s not just for sales teams — your entire company can use it to manage their email and collaborate. Since you can comment on email threads, it’s easy to work together and plan. For instance, an AE can loop in a CSM directly on an email: @john, want to get in on this meeting? That way John can instantly see the email thread, decide if he wants to join, and respond.

Front also lets you share drafts of emails, so if you want to grab someone’s input before you hit send, you can instantly share a draft and let a teammate edit it directly.


When you’re busy getting to know your prospects and closing deals, you don’t have time to waste fiddling with your calendar. With Front Calendar, there’s no burden on your prospects, and you can schedule meetings efficiently.

When all it takes is a few clicks for customers to book time with you, you’ll have meetings lined up all through next quarter. Happy scheduling!

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