What Sales Teams Will Gain from Attending Empower 2020

Last verified May 27, 2021

We’ve covered what content you can expect to see from CX at Empower and now it’s time to give you sales reps a sneak peak into what exactly we have up our Sales-Track sleeve. Empower will serve as a space for thought leaders within the Sales Enablement space to participate in active action-learning sessions and community cohorts. The sales narrative at Empower is positioned to be on the cutting-edge of the transitioning field of enablement. For a better idea of what to expect — take a look at the key takeaways from sales leaders at last year's conference. This year, we’ll explore how this discipline is evolving, where its greatest impact has been, and where we’re headed from here.

The overarching theme of the sales-track that our conversations will center around is:  Empowering sales reps to be confident and effective in today’s dynamic sales landscape.

The three subtopics that will guide the conversations of the sales-track at Empower: executing sales enablement in a product-led-growth world, managing the unique challenges faced by high-complexity sales teams, and empowering reps to have high-quality prospect conversations. Let's unpack these key themes to better understand what actionable learning you’ll be taking away from Empower: 

  • Sales enablement in a PLG world

  • How to effectively enable your sales team when your go to market strategy is product-led 

  • Empowering your reps to be “Product-Experts”

  • The right tools to equip your PLG sales teams with

  • Crafting a product delivery process with both your sales teams and end-customers/prospects in mind 

  • Actionable changes that your org can make to be more product-led 

  • Managing the high-complexity sales team’s unique challenges

  • What it means to be a modern high-complexity sales team 

  • Solving for the challenges complex sales teams face: real-time customer interactions, highly-technical and ever-evolving products, and rapidly-scaling teams

  • How to enable a rapidly growing team and ramp new reps quickly 

  • Staying on top of an ever-evolving product 

  • Reinforcing processes and ongoing trainings 

  • The power of quality conversations 

  • Building out your conversational toolkit 

  • Accelerating deal velocity by using real-time knowledge and conversational intelligence

  • Analyzing the real cost of weak conversations 

  • Enablement being the bridge between product, marketing, sales, and CX for better conversations across the every stage of the customer journey

 Who will be leading conversations in the sales-space: 


Buckle up for three days of thought leadership and real-life speakers that will resonate with your sales enablement experiences. And although actionable learning is at the forefront of Empower, we want to ensure that you’re making the most out of your trip to Philly. The conference itself will be held at the Fillmore in Philly’s Fishtown —  known for being one of the hippest areas, it's full of incredible restaurants, music and street art.

Guru’s Guide to all things Philly is here to help you jam-pack your conference days with the best bites, brews, and views in town: