Spring Launch 2019: Creating a Network out of Your Company’s Collective Intelligence

Last verified Jul 12, 2022

Guru’s founding team has been watching the same story play out for years: one team in an organization buys Guru, but quickly realizes that the knowledge they need to do their jobs extends beyond their individual team. From product to security, to marketing and CX, knowledge lives everywhere; often buried in team-specific tools, scattered documents, or people’s heads. But when you can bring it all together and connect teams to the collective intelligence they need by supplying it to them in the moment, people are empowered to be their best selves.

This is why our company exists: to bring all teams the knowledge they need to delight customers, close deals, and be the most confident and efficient versions of themselves. To deliver on that mission, we are continually improving our product to make Guru the knowledge network that knows when, how, and where to deliver knowledge to users without them ever having to look for it.

People, not portals

Before getting ahead of ourselves, let's take a look back. Knowledge management was a category born out of storage needs. As the world has changed, cloud storage has gotten cheaper and the SaaS applications we use everyday to do our jobs have created knowledge silos within organizations. It’s no longer enough to simply manage your organization’s knowledge. The real value lies in harnessing it, sharing it, and using it.

When knowledge is not only accessible but actionable, its potential increases exponentially.

Watching the same pattern of knowledge needing to transcend teams play out across customers of all sizes and industries, we at Guru knew that the future of knowledge lay in harnessing the full potential of the network that puts the company’s collective intelligence to work.

The knowledge network

To bring the power of knowledge to our customers, we are continuously innovating our product to make Guru the knowledge network that knows when, how, and where to deliver knowledge to users without them ever having to look for it. To that end, we have a new list of features we are excited to debut today as part of our Spring Launch.

With the Spring Launch, we aim to empower all of our customers to bring their knowledge networks to life by helping them unify their knowledge, engage their teams, and analyze usage and patterns. Learn how our newest features harness the power of collective intelligence.



A knowledge network is strongest when it is the single source of truth, unifying all intel across organizations. To make it easier to unify that knowledge, the Guru ecosystem is expanding to include Sync capabilities from Box and Kustomer. For teams like marketing that contribute to their organization’s collective knowledge in Guru but store and maintain their assets in Box, they can now sync those assets from Box directly into Guru to take advantage of Guru’s always-on access and content performance features. Box and Kustomer join Google Drive and Zendesk as sync-able asset repositories.

We are also excited to announce the launch of our Developer Site. This developer-focused site will feature clear API documentation and a developer edition of Guru to allow our customers and partners to better understand how they can leverage Guru’s API to realize their team’s use cases and goals. The API will allow teams to customize their Guru experience, sync with their systems, and bring Guru knowledge to sources where they need it.


Guru brings you the knowledge you need to do your job, everywhere you need it. That “everywhere” now includes improved experiences on mobile. The Guru iOS Mobile App is now available for download in the App Store. While Guru knowledge has always been available on mobile through our Slack integration and web app, the dedicated app makes it easier than ever to search for and grab knowledge on the go.



Guru continually refines how, where, and when to deliver your network’s intelligence to you. One new way to receive knowledge comes in the form of announcements. Announcements allow admins to alert their teams to critical new knowledge and later certify that reps have read it. Right within their Guru workflow, teams will receive alerts that they have been assigned new knowledge to consume.


Doing more for you with AI

Guru’s network connects you to everything – and everyone – you need to do your job. With Guru, we can deliver the right knowledge to you without you even having to search. The best search is no search and with AI Suggest Text, Guru can push contextually-relevant knowledge to you where you work. After deploying AI Suggest, Guru’s suggestions are immediately leveraged by our customers 14% of the time. After only 6 weeks, Guru's suggestions are used 82% of the time. As you use Guru more, it learns and evolves.

And even if Guru doesn’t have the answer, it knows who to ask – saving you and your customers precious time and energy. Knowledge is only as good as the expertise behind it, but finding out who knows what is half of the battle. As part of our last product launch, we debuted AI Suggest Expert, which identifies the subject matter expert within your organization most likely to know the answer to the knowledge you seek. AI Suggest Expert can detect who knows what upwards of 92% of the time, so you know exactly who to ask.

Bring your knowledge network to life

Guru is a knowledge network that knows when, how, and where to deliver knowledge to you without you having to look for it. With Guru, you don’t just manage your knowledge; you create a network out of company's collective intelligence. We are always working to bring this mission to life and have our eyes set on the horizon for the next round of features that will bring people the knowledge they need wherever they are.

What's next

Guru continually refines how, where, and when to deliver your network’s intelligence to you. And, even with our Spring Launch in the books, we’re already hard at work on our Summer Launch, which will arrive in early August.

Here’s some of what you can expect from us later this summer:

  • Expansion of our ecosystem and integrations

  • Improved analytics for a powerful look into your knowledge network

  • Enhanced Voice capabilities to bring you knowledge in real-time on the phone