Take Knowledge Management Efforts Org-Wide With Guru's Summer Launch

Last verified May 7, 2021

Knowledge sharing can often feel like a personal pain. You’re shoulder-tapped by that new sales rep, or you get that Slack message from a customer service agent after a recent product update. And while the pain feels personal, the problem is widespread. 

For sales reps and customer service agents, the practice of asking subject matter experts for help when they have a question is well established. They need access to answers as their customers ask questions—and they need them quickly and accurately. Their ability to be the best versions of themselves for your customers depends on their confidence in these situations.

Without the knowledge they need, they’re left fumbling on the phone, delaying an email response, and asking your organization’s subject matter experts the same questions again and again. These interactions are happening hundreds—sometimes thousands—of times across not only your customer facing teams, but across your entire organization. 

As we’ve seen with many of our customers, knowledge is a network, with connections across the organization. From product, to support, sales, marketing and beyond, the knowledge we need is all around us, yet often siloed across different teams and their respective tools. Knowledge is truly a team sport—and an organization-wide effort.


Today, we’re thrilled to announce Guru's Summer Launch, which includes a number of new features that will help you tap into the expertise across your teams and empower everyone in your organization—from your HR team to your product team and everything in between—with the knowledge they need to do their jobs.


Manage knowledge across your organization

Knowledge is the lifeblood of any organization, and managing all of the knowledge your organization needs to succeed is critical. With legacy knowledge management tools, maintaining an accurate, up-to-date collection of knowledge can be a daunting task. We’re excited to launch two new features this summer that will make managing your organization’s knowledge in Guru easier than ever.

The first feature, AI Suggest Tags, builds on our AI Suggest capabilities, which proactively bring relevant knowledge to users when and where they need it. AI Suggest Tags simplifies the tagging workflow when creating new content by suggesting related tags based on the content of the card. Cards with tags are viewed and copied more often than cards without tags, so AI Suggest Tags will help ensure that new knowledge is tagged properly so that it’s easily searchable in Guru.


Read more about the rest of our AI Suggest suite here.

Optimizing your knowledge for easy admin and discovery

Maintaining your knowledge is crucial, but its true value is in its usage. As such, we want Guru to optimize your knowledge usage to ensure adoption and discovery. Two of our new features, Duplicate Detection and Knowledge Clipper, will help you take your knowledge game to the next level.

Duplicate Detection identifies potential duplicate content across a knowledge base in Guru so users can easily maintain and monitor knowledge as their organization grows. Now, all duplicated content can be viewed from one convenient dashboard so admins can edit, archive, or dismiss cards where content might overlap.


With Duplicate Detection, authors can rest easy after ascertaining that there aren’t alternate or homemade versions of knowledge floating around, and reps can be confident in the knowledge they need to do their jobs. Duplicate Detection can also be used as a knowledge audit tool by teams who are new to Guru in order to assess the state of existing content.


Our new Knowledge Clipper feature allows users to easily create knowledge and search their Guru knowledge base from any page in just two clicks. By highlighting text on a page and right-clicking, two new options will appear in the menu: Search Guru for “[highlighted text]” and Create new Card in Guru for “[highlighted text]”.


By giving users the ability to search for and capture knowledge in Guru anywhere they work, they can optimize their knowledge management and reinforce a culture of knowledge creation and capturing in real time.

Scaling and growing your knowledge efforts

Many of our customers are category-leading companies growing at breakneck speed. It’s essential that, once managed and optimized, your knowledge base can scale as quickly as your company does. With that in mind, we have three new features that will help you share knowledge both internally across teams and externally.

First, the ability to export your Cards and Boards as PDFs. “Download as a PDF” is now an option in the More Options tab on every card. When selected, the content of the card is automatically downloaded and formatted as a PDF that can be used for external consumption. For anyone looking to share Guru knowledge with people outside your organization, PDF Export is the feature for you.


When it comes to sharing knowledge with people inside your organization, that just got easier too. Previously, users on other teams needed access to an entire Guru Collection to see one Board or Card, even if only a fraction of the content in the Collection was relevant to that team. Now, with a new permissioning capability at the Board level, Collection Admins can selectively share knowledge with other teams without giving them access to their entire Collection. Check out the video below to see Board Permissions in action:

The goal of Board Permissions is to help organizations share and scale their knowledge. “Other teams at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt have expressed interest in using Guru,” says Paul Wickes, Senior Consultant at HMH. “Board Permissions will invariably make it easier for other teams to get onboard. [...] This function will help us continue to grow Guru as our single source of truth while democratizing the way people choose to share their knowledge.”

Helping teams share relevant knowledge with their peers and keep specific knowledge to themselves is one way we at Guru are thinking about making it easier for customers to collaborate and scale knowledge.


Another way we’re prioritizing scaling knowledge is through two new AI Suggest integrations: Freshdesk and Drift. When integrated into partner solutions, Guru’s AI Suggest can push relevant knowledge to users wherever they’re working; in this case, in Freshdesk or Drift. Teams need knowledge in email and live chat to handle product FAQs, pricing questions, and competitive questions. Guru's contextual coaching empowers teams to stay in their workflow—whether they are responding to emails in Freshdesk or chatting live with customers in Freshchat or Drift.

What's next

We’re committed to continually pushing the envelope and reimagining what knowledge management can mean for our customers. While we’ve made it easier for you to take Guru organization-wide with this release, this fall we’ll next turn our attention towards some new integrations and new ways to bring you the knowledge you need to do your job. 

If you’re interested in leveling up your organization’s knowledge efforts, try Guru for free for 30 days.