The Definitive Product Launch Checklist

Last verified Apr 12, 2021

We know you’re a super busy person, and that's why we created the Definitive Product Launch Checklist to help you master the art of the new feature announcement. Whether it’s work, mind, body, or soul, we’ve got you covered.


45 Days Out


Here's what the Marketing/Sales/CS orgs need from you to get started

  • Finalize launch date

  • Confirm feature name

Customer Support

  • Begin testing to determine what frequently asked questions might be

Product Marketing

  • Determine launch messaging (and theme, if applicable)

  • Gather social proof quotes from customers with early access 

Partner Marketing

  • Determine if feature can be co-marketed

  • Identify partners and reach out


  • Remind yourselves you’re awesome by watching the pep talk scene from Cool Runnings

30 Days Out


  • Reach out to media for announcement/interview placement

20 Days Out

Product Marketing

  • First draft of collateral

  • Deck slides

  • One-sheet

  • Blog post

  • Sales readiness FAQ

Partner Marketing

  • Receive first drafts of partner marketing efforts for approval


14 Days Out

Product Marketing

  • Legal review of collateral


  • Finalize media placement

10 Days Out

Customer Support

  • Full feature demo for sales team

  • Write Help Center documentation for new feature

  • First draft of launch webinar

    • Content

    • Hosts

    • Expected questions

    • Expected day(s)/time(s)

Product Marketing

  • Educate sales team on target persona/messaging/collateral


  • Go for a 15-minute walk (unless it’s raining/snowing… and if it is, just have a big group stretch)

7 Days Out

Product Marketing

  • Final draft of all collateral

Partner Marketing

  • Confirm final drafts of partner marketing efforts

5 Days Out

Demand Generation/Growth Marketing

  • Identify email targets

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  • Prepare email announcement

 Customer Support

  • Finalize launch webinar



1 Day Out


  • Send announcement to media (under embargo)


Day Of (morning)

Product Marketing

  • Publish blog post

Demand Generation/Growth Marketing

  • Promote on social

  • Send email announcement

Partner Marketing

  • Confirm partner efforts have gone live


  • Confirm announcements have gone live


  • Reach out to prospects about new feature

Customer Support

  • Reach out to customers about new feature

  • Invite them to launch webinar

  • Publish Help Center documentation for new feature


  • Spread the word!

Day Of (afternoon)


  • Party

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  • Booze (if you’re into that — and hey, no peer pressure)

  • Balloons

  • Sweet tunes