The Knowledge Lifecycle and Guru: Learn More with Tours

Last verified May 26, 2023

Has there been a more exciting time to use Guru? Thanks to the release of Answers and other AI enhancements, it's easier than ever to identify, discover, create, and improve knowledge effortlessly in one product and automate the flow of knowledge across the entire knowledge lifecycle. 

If you’re reading this post, it’s safe to assume that you’ve seen the term “knowledge lifecycle” pop up a lot recently. At Guru, we believe that information is dynamic. There is a lifecycle of information that affects your people, company, and product and how it gets captured, identified, organized, discovered, and improved over time. Finding a tool to support people at these critical knowledge stages can help save time, increase productivity, and give people what they need to truly focus on doing their best work. 

The Knowledge Lifecycle

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Rick Nucci, wrote a great post that explains just how Guru fits into each stage of the knowledge lifecycle, but we have something for the visual learners out there. Take a look at our product tours so you can see how Guru can help you through every step of your knowledge lifecycle. Simply click the image below the knowledge lifecycle stage you're interested in, then get ready to see the ways Guru guides you through it.


Connect your company’s apps to Guru to identify the places where knowledge lives, be it in Slack, Google Drive, or in the minds of subject-matter experts via our 40+ HRIS integrations.

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Immediately begin leveraging that knowledge with Answers, which searches all your company’s apps and surfaces the exact information you need, with sources clearly identified.

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Take the knowledge discovered with Answers and instantly capture and organize it in Guru with the help of Assist.

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Once that knowledge is in Guru, ensure it’s refined, verified, and continually improved by experts.

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