The Knowledge You Needed in 2019: The Best of Guru 🎉

Last verified Jul 12, 2022

Somehow, 2019 has (nearly) come to a conclusion. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about New Year’s resolutions. Since it’s so easy to get lost in the day-to-day, we want to help you take a few minutes to remember everything you learned this year (or finally have the time to learn about now #procrastinatorsunite!). From your favorite blog posts to a look back at all of the improvements and new product features Guru rolled out in 2019, we've got the knowledge you needed this year, plus a sneak peek at what's coming up in 2020.

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Your favorite Guru blog posts of 2019:

How A CEO Can Effectively Build A Sustainable Company Culture

Key insight: When not a daily part of the conversation, it’s too easy to forget values, which can lead to culture dissolving. By keeping these principles at the forefront of everything, you can naturally promote your company culture by showing instead of just telling.

The Best Search is No Search Powered by AI

Key insight: The overhead involved in physically searching may not seem like that much, but if you could save 30 seconds every time you needed information and received that exact piece of knowledge as a suggestion rather than at the end of a search, how much time would you save each week? How much time would your team at work save each month? How much time would your organization save each year? Best yet, how much frustration would you save everyone?

The Best of Empower 2019

Key insight: One concept that came up consistently throughout the sessions was the importance of people. Empowering and investing in people is the key to achieving success. As Rick said, “Our customers are buying us, not just our products.”

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Slack's Guru Power Users Share Their Knowledge Management Best Practices

Key insight: Every Slack team that uses Guru has different types of knowledge to document and different ways they go about documenting it, but Slack has a general Guru style guide that Kelly owns and a Guru admin council in order to maintain some level of consistency. “The Guru admins meet every month to talk about what we’re doing and what’s worked for our departments so we can collaborate and share ideas and best practices,” explains Ali [Berman, Senior Technical Operations Strategist].

4 Keys to a Successful New Hire Onboarding Process

Key insight: Some things are better off memorized (how to do surgery, Simpsons quotes, your best friend’s birthday), but aside from your computer login, there aren’t many things that you need to have memorized by day 3 of a new job. We have a lot of new knowledge thrown at us in the first few weeks of a job, while 70% of an individual’s work knowledge comes from job-related experiences. By building your onboarding program around consistent and ongoing training, you’ll naturally create a learning-oriented culture.

Everything Guru introduced this year:






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