The Many Faces of Guru (As Told By Our Customers)

Last verified Aug 12, 2021

What can Guru do for you? We’re a knowledge management tool first and foremost, but there’s a lot you can do when you have the power of knowledge at your fingertips.

Are we your ultimate time-saver that helps you work more efficiently? Could we be your staunchest ally during your first few weeks at a new job? Are we something even grander? Maybe a beacon of light in a dark world?

OK, we were getting a bit dramatic there, but you’d take a little poetic license if you saw some of the feedback we get from our customers. There’s nothing we love more than hearing what our customers have to say about Guru. Your words help guide our product roadmap and show us how we can best serve your needs. 

Curious about what some of our customers have to say about Guru? Here are just a few tidbits we’ve picked up over time.

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Guru the efficiency master

“Losing access to Guru tomorrow would mean an influx of 30+ Slack notifications overnight, every night, and each ping would be a basic question that at least 1-3 other people would have also asked. I would also receive 10+ emails overnight, every night. My time as an SME would be drained by follow-up, and my work/life balance would suffer as I would likely log in early or stay logged in later in an attempt to close out all comms.”

—Christina Utley, People Systems Analyst,


"Guru is the first place that I look for answers to my questions. Without this tool, the efficiency of my day would drop significantly and I would have to spend more time researching and interrupting my teams days and less time actually adding value for my clients."

—Marketing Associate, Small Business Professional Services Company

Guru the hybrid and remote work champion

"Guru has been a tremendous help to me and my team, especially during this WFH stage we are in. It has answers to essentially any question you may have, and the application is super easy to use."

—Customer Success Operations, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company


“I joined my team during COVID-19. Guru has been a great support to me to learn all the things which new employees should know.”

—Srishty Kaushal, Customer Support Operations,

Guru the onboarding guide

"I'm still a fan of LMS's for training and onboarding, but a tool like Guru is a complete game-changer for being able to quickly and easily access content and collateral. I remember having Google Docs with link after link on them just to make it easier for me to find (never been a huge fan of using bookmarks). This led to me having more tabs open than anyone probably should have.

Now when I need to find something, it's as easy as pressing the chrome extension and I'm able to find it within seconds. This also makes it easier for me to make the collateral I make a lot more accessible to everyone. (Not to mention that with the Slack integration, you can link others in a moments' notice)."

—Jared Wexler, Solutions Consultant, Chili Piper


“I have found Guru to be helpful especially during the onboarding process. I feel like I can count on Guru like I can count on my colleague to help me understand concepts/information and move forward in my workday. When in doubt, check Guru first!

—Customer Success Operations, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Guru the ultimate power 

We have been trying to make knowledge transfer “work” over my last 9 years at InnoSoft and Guru is the first platform we’ve used that has provided the tremendous impact of effective knowledge transfer we were always hoping for. For example, previous to using Guru, if I was looking for a piece of vital information to answer a customer’s tricky question, I’d probably use a combination of searching Slack (super overwhelming!), Gmail (also overwhelming!), or old tickets in Zendesk (time-consuming). 

Now, with all knowledge centralized, I can find answers in probably a 1/4 of the time and always know that the details are accurate via the verification piece. As one of our longest-tenured staff, I also find that I am the “knowledge champion” of many pieces of information. As Guru makes the process of card creation so easy and enjoyable, I’ve gotten into the habit of creating new cards anytime I answer a question in Slack that I think other people will end up asking me in the future.

—CEO, Small Business Computer Software Company


Guru makes me feel like a knowledgeable GOD. As an Ops trainer, I get asked a lot of questions. Not only am I able to answer them quickly, I use it as a teaching tool to show the trainees how to find the answer.

—HR/People Ops Associate, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company