Sales Tools Sales Tools Use: SalesLoft, Intercom, Chorus, Zoom & Guru

Last verified May 27, 2021

Having the right tech stack is key to empowering your sales team to be confident and effective. An optimized roster of sales solutions can help reps reach the right prospects at the right time, have better conversations with those prospects, and move deals along faster. There are a number of solutions that help good sales teams become great sales teams, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right software for your team. When we set out to examine what it takes to create a comprehensive sales tech stack, we thought: Why not look at which sales tools sales tools themselves use?


The Sales Tools Guru Uses

We started by examining our own sales tech stack. At Guru, we empower our revenue team with solutions that span conversational intelligence, internal and external communication tools, and knowledge management.

We use different solutions at different phases of the customer journey:

  • Outbound Account Development Reps (ADRs) use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and SalesLoft to engage with prospects who may not be familiar with Guru yet

  • Inbound ADRs use Intercom to answer prospect questions on our website

  • Account Executives (AEs) use Zoom to video conference with interested prospects in order to demo our product

  • Sales managers, sales engineering, and product marketing use to review prospect calls to provide coaching or tweak our messaging

  • AEs, Account Managers (AMs) and Client Success Managers (CSMs) use Salesforce to manage opportunities and accounts

  • Everyone uses Slack and Guru to access and share knowledge during every stage of the sales funnel

This combination of technology works well for our sales team because it empowers them to be more confident when speaking to prospects and gives them the support they need to bring deals over the finish line.

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The Sales Tools Our Sales Tools Use

When we asked some of the sales teams at the above organizations about their tech stacks, we found something interesting: there is a lot of overlap amongst leading tools. The combination of conversational intelligence, communication tools, and knowledge management was a common theme among these sales orgs.

Here’s a look at the tools that the sales teams at leading sales solutions like SalesLoft, Intercom, Chorus, and Zoom use to have better prospect conversations and accelerate deal cycles.



SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams build pipeline, close revenue, and delight customers. Through solutions like sales email cadences and automation, conversation intelligence, and analytics and reporting, sales teams use SalesLoft to engage with prospects at each stage of the funnel. Reena Ambai, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at SalesLoft, gave us a look into her team’s sales tech stack:

“At SalesLoft, we have a variety of tools that help our front line reps increase productivity. When generating pipeline, our reps use tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo. When they are managing and closing their deals, the reps use technology like Sensdoso, Vidyard, Conversation Intelligence, and Deals. And finally, for our team responsible for expansions and renewals, their tech-stack includes all of the above, as well as DocuSign and CPQ. We of course use our own technology [SalesLoft] throughout the entire funnel as well.”

Knowledge management is also a key element in SalesLoft’s tech stack:

“Underlying all of this is our enablement tech stack: Guru and Lessonly. Reps know that if they want access to the newest information, Guru is the first place to look. We will often put Guru links in our weekly Lessons and link to Guru cards in emails sent to the team. For us, Guru allows both stakeholders and reps to have a single source of truth when it comes to sales related assets.”

– Reena Ambai, Senior Sales Enablement Manager at SalesLoft

Guru acts as the single source of truth for SalesLoft’s sales team. They rely on Guru to access the most up-to-date information from their sales enablement and product marketing teams, and deploy that information using the rest of their sales tech stack.

“We play in a very competitive market where things move very quickly and speed is of the essence. Guru helps our sales team set the pace by giving them access to all the information they need right at their fingertips. This allows them to have fluid and valuable conversations with our prospects that drive revenue.”

– Sean Murray, CRO at SalesLoft

For more on how Reena and her team at SalesLoft use Guru, check out our SalesLoft case study.



Intercom is a real-time messaging platform that gives companies the ability to meet and chat with customers and prospects wherever they are: on the company website, in their app, through social media, or via email. By providing a personalized chat experience for customer-facing teams and customers alike, Intercom helps teams build better relationships at each stage of the customer journey.

To equip their sales team to dazzle in real-time conversations, Intercom has a robust sales tech stack that includes: Salesforce, Guru, Clari, Workramp, Gong, Dialpad, Ebsta, Bambu, and the Google Suite. Guru helps their team access up-to-date information no matter where they’re working.

"With Guru, we have the confidence that our Sales team can always quickly find the information that they need in that moment. We use it to store product, technical, commercial, and workflow information. The result has been that our global team has immediate access to up to date information that empowers them and our customers to make the right decision.”

– Jeff Serlin, Senior Director and Global Head of Sales Operations at Intercom

For more on how Intercom's sales team uses Guru, check out our Intercom case study.

Marketing_3-p-500.png is a conversational intelligence platform that helps sales teams unlock insights from live calls to help close more deals and ramp reps faster. By being able to revisit and analyze phone calls, sales teams can learn from one another and uplevel their people skills, empowering them to have better conversations that delight prospects and win business.

We spoke to Grace Tyson, Regional VP of Sales at Chorus, about what her team’s tech stack looks like, since conversational intelligence tools like Chorus are such crucial components to many sales teams. Grace’s team uses Chorus (naturally) along with Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Zoominfo, Sales Navigator, Outreach, Salesforce, and of course, Guru.

At Guru, we believe that instant access to cross-functional knowledge is key to facilitating better conversations, so we asked Grace how her team at Chorus uses Guru to empower reps:

“Life was chaos before Guru. Tons of shoulder-tapping, one-off Slack messages, and answering the same questions over and over again. Now our team knows where to go to find up-to-date info and collateral. It has saved us time across the board and helped us to collaborate and sell more efficiently and effectively.”

– Grace Tyson, Regional VP of Sales at



Zoom is a video communications platform that provides the chat, video, and audio conferencing functionality essential to communicating both internally and externally in today’s remote-first working environment. Zoom’s video capabilities allow sales reps to connect with prospects face-to-face and establish personal connections.

As Zoom grows and adds employees across a number of offices, they also need a comprehensive tech stack to help their employees connect and collaborate. Guru is a key component to that tech stack:

"One of the tools that we use pretty heavily is Guru. Guru is kind of our knowledge, content, center of the universe. We like to say the one stop shop for sales."

– Rich Adams, Sales Tool Manager at Zoom

Zoom uses tools like SalesLoft, Chorus, Zoom (of course!), Outreach, and Guru to keep their teams connected and effective. Zoom’s sales reps need access to cross-departmental knowledge to do their jobs, no matter where they’re located. Rich explains

“What we try to do is actually provide all those resources at their tip of their fingers, just through the Guru extension.

“[With Guru] within 30 seconds, they can do their jobs...  they're not having to wait for their manager, who's on three or four calls in a row. Or maybe they're a remote rep that doesn't have the luxury of tapping the shoulder of one of their peers. What we want to try to do is give them the knowledge at their fingertips, so they can learn [...] how to use it themselves.”

– Rich Adams, Sales Tool Manager at Zoom

Sales Tool Tech Stack Roundup

Based on our conversations with sales teams at leading sales organizations, a comprehensive sales tech stack includes:

  • Prospecting tools like SalesLoft, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoominfo, Sendoso, and Vidyard

  • Communication tools like Zoom, Intercom, Slack, and Gmail

  • Conversational intelligence tools like Chorus and Gong

  • Customer relationship management tools like Salesforce

  • Learning management tools like Lessonly and Workramp

  • Knowledge management tools like Guru

In fact, the sales teams at SalesLoft, Intercom, Zoom, Chorus, Slack, and many other sales tools all use Guru to empower their reps with the knowledge they need to do their jobs, no matter what solution they’re working in.

Find out how Guru can help your sales team be knowledgeable, confident, and win more business.