Using AI to Empower Humans to Work Smarter, Not Replace Them

Last verified Apr 26, 2021

The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) invokes images of I, Robot and Westworld, where robots bent on revenge threaten humankind. The reality of AI, however, is much less ominous, and presents a symbiotic relationship with us humans: empowering us to do our jobs better.

Experts agree: The future of AI is not a robot revolution

A common misconception about AI is that it’s going to steal our jobs and make humans — especially support agents — obsolete. It’s an easy leap to make, considering the potential for artificial intelligence to continue to evolve. In fact, 72% of Americans express worry about a future in which robots and computers are capable of doing many jobs that are currently done by humans. But AI replacing humans is just that: a misconception. According to Lili Cheng, Corporate VP of AI and Research at Microsoft, AI and humans are meant to work together. In a podcast interview with Intercom about making chatbots more human, Cheng advocates for putting people at the center of any AI experience.

Humans are — and always will be — the core of AI, because artificial intelligence programs can’t — and might never be able to — interpret events, actions, or tones as well as humans can. Algorithms lack emotion, so they cannot consider feelings. They fail to understand situational subtleties. And all of these very human intricacies like intuition, emotions, and language patterns often play a crucial role in consumer interactions with bots and AI. That’s why companies like T-Mobile, Farmer’s Insurance, and yes, even Microsoft, recognize that bots can never fully replace humans in customer service capacities.

There's a time and place for bots

Outside of high-empathy situations, bots are more than capable of responding to repetitive tasks and answering simple questions, which is why many companies have automated certain aspects of their customer support. Delegating frequently asked questions and quick fixes to AI agents is a great way to free up their human counterparts from toiling over tedious, lower-tier tickets. But complicated support problems that involve emotions require a human touch.

Guru Co-Founder and CEO Rick Nucci agrees. “AI enables humans to do what they do best, which is the more complex things like empathy, hard decision-making, and white glove service,” said Rick in a recent webinar about AI. AI is more than just an automation solution; it can be used as a tool for humans to leverage to do more meaningful work. It’s not just a question of which tasks AI can help do for humans, but of which tasks AI can help humans do better.

That’s why at Guru, we focus on using AI to empower humans to do their best work, not to replace them.

Using AI to amplify our ability to do our jobs better

Leaning on automation and bots makes sense for streamlining processes like scheduling and ticket routing, but what about those high-empathy conversations conducted by teams like sales, customer success, and support? Every employee who interacts with a customer has the ability to make an impact on key business objectives, so shouldn’t there be a way to leverage AI to help them streamline parts of their processes too?

Our goal at Guru is to deliver AI that empowers all customer-facing teams to work smarter, engage more effectively with customers, and ultimately drive revenue.

We do this by operationalizing organizational resources and making that information work harder for humans by actively finding them where they work. Everyone depends on knowledge to do their jobs, but that knowledge is rarely optimized for success. Instead, resources often sit passively, scattered across online destinations, siloed to a particular team, or located exclusively in a subject matter expert’s head. It’s all too common a pain point: the average worker spends almost 20% of the workweek looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks. And while it’s frustrating for workers to spend one fifth of their time searching for information, it’s even more frustrating for the customers and prospects at the other end of the line waiting for answers.

AI Suggest makes resources active and actionable

To eliminate the incessant searching for information and empower people to provide better customer experiences, Guru organizes and surfaces relevant information when people need it – right within their existing workflows. Guru’s AI Suggest tool intelligently recommends relevant information based on the context of a given page. It reads the scenario, assesses the context, and suggests related knowledge — no search required. While pulling information through search limits results to the confines of the search terms, pushing information through AI opens an individual up to all the information related to a particular topic, beyond just the resources they think they need or know exist. 



AI Suggest works to make humans smarter, and also evolves to make itself smarter over time. The more information the tool correctly suggests, the more it learns about individual and organizational patterns. This evolving knowledge helps make every piece of information served by the AI engine relevant and useful. By producing the knowledge people need to do their jobs efficiently, AI Suggest empowers people to spend less time searching — and perhaps coming up empty, and disappointing customers. With Guru, sales and customer service professionals are saving time not by outsourcing interactions to AI bots, but by using AI to speed up their own processes and empowering themselves to work more efficiently.

Making AI a part of your organization's success

Operationalizing internal knowledge bases with AI gives teams the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively. By freeing up the time previously spent sifting through scattered and static resources, reps have more time to dedicate to solving problems and making sales. Your company’s knowledge base should be your greatest advantage; why not make it live up to its full potential?

At Guru, we’re not in the business of useful information. We’re in the business of making information useful. The knowledge your company needs to succeed already exists; it’s up to you to optimize it. Don’t let your resources sit around passively when they could be actively seeking out your reps and helping them close tickets and deals. Get on board with Guru’s AI-enabled knowledge management network and empower your humans to get back to doing what they do best: delighting customers and driving revenue.