Using Slack Connect to Collaborate Efficiently Outside of Our Organization

Last verified May 31, 2022

If you use Slack as much as we do, then you know how powerful it is for collaborating with your coworkers. Since its launch in 2013, Slack has become the central nervous system of company communication and collaboration. For many teams, bouncing between internal Slack conversations, customer emails, vendor calls, and partner meetings, it can be difficult to stay focused with all the context switching. Enter: Slack Connect!

Slack Connect is a more secure and productive way for organizations to communicate together. With the latest announcement, up to 20 organizations can work together in a single channel, each from their own Slack workspace. You can combine those conversations into one seamless channel without those traditional sidebar emails, meetings or calls.

At Guru, we’ve been using Slack Connect to work faster and much more efficiently, particularly in this new, 100% remote world. Our senior team has leaned on Slack Connect to communicate easily with Guru’s investors. In this channel with our investors, there are 5 companies, allowing our leadership team and board members to plan meetings, share company updates and prospect and partner referrals without separate DMs or scheduling a formal call to discuss.

"We’re able to go into that channel, have a conversation with our board and get their advice and insights into the market easily. It’s been a really valuable resource for us to test out ideas without waiting for a board meeting to happen"

- Mitch Stewart, Co-founder & CTO at Guru


All of our cross-functional departments — Business Development, Customer Experience, Product, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales — can now communicate with multiple customers and partners for various use cases. With Slack Connect, they can track and interact with prospects, manage client implementations and onboarding, plan customer and partner webinars, run early access programs, send assets on new releases, conduct client focus groups, and close feature feedback loops.

“These have been instrumental in relationship building — they really foster a partnership mentality and solidify the fact that we are working together.”

- Meg McGrath, Senior CSM at Guru

“Having a shared channel with Guru made it that much easier to plan our joint webinar. It was so much faster than hopping on a call or sending out multiple emails to collaborate. We saved probably 2-3 hours worth of meeting time just being able to connect over Slack.”

- Isaac Lee, Demand Generation Manager at MaestroQA

As teams lean on Slack Connect more and more frequently to communicate and build relationships, users will find themselves leaving Slack to jump into their company wiki to find the knowledge they need to share with customers, partners, or vendors. Fortunately, Slack’s Block Kit has allowed us to integrate with Slack Connect. You can share Guru cards directly within the Slack channel. Users don’t even need their own Guru license — Public Cards are visible to everyone, giving them instant access to the information they need, or relevant details that they want to share. 

With Guru and Slack together, your teams can talk as a group in real time, integrate apps for even less context switching, and work more productively and effectively by meeting customers, partners and vendors where they work — in their own Slack workspace.