What Guru Employees Are Thankful For in 2020

Last verified May 21, 2021

As we move into what is bound to be an unconventional holiday season it’s only natural to take a look in the rearview mirror of this tumultuous year. Rather than dwelling on the lows we’re here to remind you of the small pockets of joy that got us through. Here’s to finding ways to be thankful!


Finally figuring out this whole WFH lifestyle… sorta


It took a while to get a hang of this thing but just look yourself now! Remember the days when your standing desk was a shoe box on top of your ironing board?

Honestly, we deserve a collective pat on the back. From parents navigating working from home while simultaneously administering their kids homeschooling setup to teaching ourselves all the different tech that makes remote work possible to finding ways to actually manage your work/life balance, it’s been a lot of learning for all of us.

Getting comfortable in the kitchen

Whether you were all about breadmaking, stress-baking, mastering cooking basics, or simply learning not to be afraid of your various cooking devices, time at home has given us all ample opportunity to tackle new skills.


Thanksgiving is a great time to put all of those new skills to use. If your family holiday is now virtual, you might be facing the prospect of roasting a turkey for the first time. Before you cook your bird, ease your anxiety by calibrating your oven! Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get the best results from whichever recipe you’re trying:

PSA: Zoom has lifted their 40 minute time limit on Thanksgiving so that your virtual family gathering won’t be cut short.

Peak, not-so-peak, and truly enlightening TV (and movies)

With theaters out of the equation and no commute forcing you to wake up early, you probably found yourself saying, “OK, I guess it’s finally time to watch The Americans.” And, well, maybe you chose Selling Sunset instead or decided to watch your favorite King of the Hill episodes for the fifth (or 105th) time. We’re not here to judge your choices (ed note: as someone who has watched many reruns of America’s Next Top Model, I’m actually forbidden to judge other people’s television choices).

But we’re also thankful that, in the aftermath of this summer’s historic #BlackLivesMatter protests, we’ve been able to use television and movies to educate ourselves about the history and lived experiences of Black Americans

Learning to love ourselves and lean on each other


It’s true that 2020 has been a tough year, but it has also given us the opportunity to reflect on the things we’re so very lucky to have. Here are just a few ways things members of the Guru family are thankful for:

“I’m grateful for seeing my introverted personality in a new light and learning to admire it in a time when it helped me thrive and cope! (Beforehand, I resented it! Personal growth! Woo!)” 

“I’m grateful that despite multiple global crises I was able to do some good things with my job, deepen my connection with my friends, and even somehow make some new friends. This year really taught me to look for the good in situations, and I was able to find some really good good.”

“Grateful for lifelong friends living in different life stages (💒👶💃) who ask one another what they need and make one another laugh.”

“Watching my friends' kids grow up into super cool humans (and watching my friends be amazing parents...yes, i've been :') about this lately); cute dogs, wonderful friends, tequila, and Mariah Carey.”

If you’re looking to practice some work/life balance and gratitude work, check out this wonderful resource: