What Happens When You Add AI Enterprise Search to Your Tech Stack?

Last verified Oct 5, 2023

We’ve never been big fans of siloed information, but we understand that sometimes silos can’t help but pop up at work. With people working out of shared folders, cloud storage, team drives, and different apps, information is bound to end up a little scattered.

Intranets, knowledge bases, and wikis have their own part to play in storing information. People have worked diligently to store their knowledge in their tool of choice, but there are still parts that never seem to get captured. Despite people’s best efforts, some bits of company knowledge can feel like they’re worlds apart. Luckily, companies can close that distance with the help of AI enterprise search. 

What AI enterprise search can do for your company 


Enterprise search gives everyone at your workplace the power to search through every source of information for your company, facilitating straightforward information retrieval without creating additional work or questions. Although you’ve probably heard plenty about the power of enterprise search recently, it’s not something that’s entirely new. Enterprise search has been around for a long time, but advancements in natural language processing and semantic search have made enterprise search more powerful and useful.

Now is the perfect time to introduce enterprise search to your company. Not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why so many companies are adding an enterprise search tool to their tech stack. 

Boost productivity 

Did you know that knowledge management can be the key to empowering teams and individuals in your organization? Having easy access to information can help improve efficiency and autonomy for everyone at work. That’s why enterprise search is such a game-changer for organizations. It’s a simple way to almost instantly revolutionize how employees manage their time and access critical information.


Whether it's retrieving the most up-to-date sales data or finding your most recent PTO policy, this tech is what employees need to get lightning-fast access to organizational files. Your enterprise search can help dramatically streamline daily operations and enable employees to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Implementing a company-wide AI enterprise search tool is a strategic move that ensures employees can effortlessly access vital information whenever they require it. It’s a tool that transcends the limitations of data storage locations and the ever-expanding volume of files that naturally happen as businesses grow. With AI enterprise search, employees spend less time endlessly navigating folders on their devices and more time on tasks that contribute to the organization's success.

Make better decisions 

When you have AI-powered enterprise search, finding the right information at the right time is a snap. You may think searching for information the “old way” gets you what you need fast enough, but consider what regular search is truly like. Unless the very first result is correct, you’ll find yourself searching through pages of search results before you find what you need.

When you streamline organizational information, you do a lot to improve business agility overall. Think about what would happen if you and everyone at your workplace had access to information the moment you needed it. Enterprise search makes it easier for decision-makers to make overall better decisions. They’ll have useful, verified information since they’ll have more access to relevant data. Leaders can move quickly and make decisions with less “noise” from irrelevant sources.

Tighten data security 

Securing and managing content can be challenging as organizations grow and role responsibilities change. Enterprise search can be a way to start wrangling back control over who has access to what at your org. Our AI-powered enterprise search has simple access permissions for connected content sources to ensure users can access only authorized content. 

This can help reduce risk exposure from data breaches and other threats to your company’s sensitive information. On the flip side, introducing enterprise search into your tech stack can help improve data security for all your confidential and non-confidential information stored across different places and departments. Talk about an all-in-one solution! 

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Enterprise search can also be a convenient way to get a handle on old content and data you haven't used in a while or need to updated. Finding historical info can be hard, and that’s especially true for companies that have gone through significant periods of growth and change. File structures, formats, and naming conventions change over time. When you have enterprise search, finding and updating older information is much easier.

Enhance your customer experience 

It’s important to remember that the benefits of enterprise search don't just extend to your internal teams. Your customers can reap the rewards too! By harnessing your data, content, and product information, you can create better customer experiences that are truly tailored to their unique preferences. 

With enterprise search software, customer-facing teams can now fetch precise and current data within seconds, all with a single query. This means your customers seeking assistance will receive answers faster than ever before. Imagine not having to worry about those awkward silences that pop up when a colleague has to pause a sales meeting or client check-in to find the final final version of a document.

The AI-powered enterprise search difference  


When companies start using AI enterprise search, they do much more than add another tool to their tech stack. Once enterprise search is on the scene, you can improve the employee and customer experience, enable leaders to make good decisions and keep your most secure documents safe all at once. 

Does that sound like something you want for your company? We thought so. Luckily for you, it’s easy to get started with Guru today.