What to Expect from CX at Empower

Last verified May 24, 2021

News flash: Guru’s Empower conference is coming back for its second year! Empower is a hub for thought leaders across the CX, Sales Enablement, and Knowledge Management fields. If you're anything like us, you probably have your hesitations pulling the trigger on a conference without being 100% sure that it will be valuable and well worth your time. So we're pulling back the curtains to give you a sneak peak of the key themes, amazing speakers, and killer content you'll see within each track at Empower.  

Empower content breakdown: 

The three tracks at Empower 2020 include:  

Each of those tracks will be guided by an overarching theme, with 3 main subtopics that will guide our speaker sessions, lightning talks, and community cohorts.  

Let’s kick it off with the wonderful world of CX. We’re still tinkering with exact topics, so things are subject to change, but we promise to keep you in the Empower loop. 

The Customer Experience, Experience at Empower — drum roll, please… Our CX track north star: Creating amazing customer experiences by driving empathy and empowering agents. 

Your support teams will show up as their best selves when they’re being set up for success, and that will enable them to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. 

These three subtopics will guide our conversations: career paths, culture, and artificial intelligence. Here is a high-level breakdown of each and some of the burning questions you’ll have answered by the end of Empower. 

  • Career paths: Defining the modern customer support career. 

  • Support is evolving into an experience in its own right. What does this shift look like on the professional side? What does CX look like in this decade? 

  • How can you hire for longevity and long-term success?

  • How can you motivate and empower support folks to carve out careers in support?

  • How can you leverage knowledge management to advance in your career?

  • Culture: Creating a collaborative, knowledge sharing culture. 

  • What are best practices for promoting knowledge sharing, collaboration, and team building across teams (especially when those teams are remote)? 

  • How can a knowledge sharing culture help B2C brands differentiate?

  • What is the KCS methodology, and how can it level up your support team at scale, and how can you make it work at scale?

  • AI: Using AI to support your teams. 

  • How can AI be leveraged to coach agents at scale, in real-time?

  • What should support team success metrics look like in the age of AI? Given advancements in technology and automation, what skills will future support folks need to succeed (ie empathy)?

 Who you'll hear from in the support space: 


Support not your forte? Check back to the blog over the next few weeks for the same style content deep dives for the Sales Enablement and Knowledge Management conference tracks. 

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