What to Know Before You Go to Knowledge Fest

Last verified Sep 21, 2022

It’s hard to believe that we’re officially one week away from Knowledge Fest. Time really flies when you’re hard at work planning an unforgettable virtual conference experience. 

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Some people may remember Empower and are amped to experience another Guru conference. Others haven’t attended a Guru event before and are eager to see what Knowledge Fest is about. Whether you’re a Guru conference veteran or entirely new to the experience, we can guarantee that all of our attendees are in for something new. 

Want to ensure you get the most out of Guru’s latest and greatest event? We have some tips that can help ensure you’re feeling in the groove when you attend Knowledge Fest. 

Build your schedule 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our full agenda, you may not realize just how much is happening at Knowledge Fest. We have over 20 speakers and 3 separate content tracks you can mix and match experiences from. With so much going on, it’s important to take some time to plan out your days now. 

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Visit the agenda section of the Knowledge Fest site so you can see the full lineup. If you know to see a certain speaker, simply enter their name in our handy search bar to find their session. 

Worried about forgetting a talk? Just add it to your calendar right from the agenda! Simply click that little calendar icon next to your chosen talk and add it to your favorite calendar. 

Network with peers

Networking is a big part of any conference, and Knowledge Fest will give you plenty of opportunities to connect with your fellow attendees. Get involved during presentations. Use our chat features, ask questions, and feel free to DM people if you want to talk a little more. 

Invite your colleagues 

Sharing is caring. The more, the merrier. Everything is better with friends. We’ve all heard those common platitudes, let’s try to live them during Knowledge Fest! 

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Hearing talks about org-wide issues like knowledge sharing, internal comms, and the future of work can help generate new ideas or help people get engaged about topics that matter to your company. Our conference is the perfect opportunity for learning and team-building opportunities. If you see a topic that you think could interest your team, we want you all to have a chance to attend. 

We’ve made the event virtual and free to make it easy to attend (no need to justify ticket costs or travel expenses to the boss). Now we’re going to make it even easier for your colleagues to attend with you. 

Check out this handy card with all of the info you’ll need to spread the word to friends, co-workers, and whoever else in your life has a thirst for knowledge. We have some helpful e-mail copy, social posts, and even some images for those Knowledge Fest die-hards.

Join a roundtable 

There’s something about hearing great minds talk about topics they’re passionate about. Attend a round table or two to hear what people really think about the topics you hold near and dear to you. 

We have some pretty stellar roundtables planned for each track. Check out the agenda and pick a few that interest you! 

Mind your mental health

Knowledge Fest won’t just be an informative event. We also plan on having it be one of the most chill conferences ever. There’s no need to run from presentation to presentation, awkwardly fish for business cards, or fuel yourself with less than fresh free hotel coffee and danishes for this professional event. Take time for yourself and do what you need to make it the best experience for you. 

Go off camera and just listen to the discussion. Do a little stretching or mild yoga in between. Drink water, grab that fancy latte, and opt for comfy sweatpants over business casual. It’s your day! 

Share the fun 

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Did a speaker just share a mindblowing stat? Are you ready to revamp your department’s entire approach to internal comms after hearing a keynote? Are you just enjoying the good vibes? 

Let people know! We’ll be doing plenty of tweeting during the event, and we want to see what you have to say about your Knowledge Fest experience. Just make sure you use the hashtag #KnowledgeFest so we can find you. 

This is a short list of tips, but the real key to having the best experience at Knowledge Fest is to be ready to learn. We’ve taken the time to curate a selection of people, topics, and talks so we can all come together and learn from one another. If you come with an open mind, you can’t go wrong. 

We’ll see you at Knowledge Fest!