What's New With Guru: Q3 Product Release Recap

Last verified May 7, 2021

Our goal at Guru is to empower you by bringing you the knowledge you need to do your job when you need it. We are committed to continuously improving in an effort to make your knowledge work harder for you. Each quarter we focus on addressing a few themes in an effort to improve our product.

In Q3 we focused on helping you work more efficiently, measure the impact of your work, and manage your knowledge faster.

Working More Efficiently

The knowledge you need should find you when and where you’re working. To realize this goal we released AI Suggest, which leverages AI to intelligently suggest Cards based on the contents of conversations you’re having. With Guru all the more embedded into your team’s workflow, AI Suggest brings answers to you. Instead of having to search for knowledge, your team becomes significantly more efficient while increasing the quality of customer conversations.  


It’s also essential that your users have a single source of truth — regardless of your teams stack. To improve the experience of users looking for content, we created Confluence Sync. This brings in your content from Confluence and automatically updates the Guru Cards as the Confluence pages are updated so the knowledge of your development and product teams can be easily discovered.

Measuring Impact

Knowledge needs to have a measurable outcome. You put incredible time and effort in to empowering your team, but without a clear system to assess the effectiveness of that work, you can’t improve on or understand the performance of your team. In Q3 we honed in on user accountability and accessibility. You can now see who has and has not read a Card and filter by when a Card was last updated to ensure it’s relevant to the most recent knowledge.


We also added an export option including email addresses of users so you can expediently follow up with users who didn’t read a given Card. On our main analytics page, we upgraded the style and servers for faster loading times and a clearer view. Additionally, we updated the adoption percentage to display the numbers over time and allow for a more thorough assessment as to whether or not your team is using Guru consistently.

Finally, for teams leveraging AI Suggest, we introduced Impact Analytics. Impact Analytics provides insight into where your team’s knowledge is being leveraged and how this knowledge affects your team’s performance. By understanding over which channels and applications Guru is being used, teams can better optimize their knowledge bases to empower reps with better information for their most-used workflows. Impact Analytics reports on total volume of interactions across all tools over which AI is activated, Guru usage by channel, and cards used with the greatest frequency to impact conversations.

Faster Knowledge Management

This quarter we updated our Verification management system and the Card UI to make it as quick and easy as possible for users to process information and for verifiers to update it. Specifically, we added a manual unverify function so you can quickly indicate that a Card is out of date and alert the appropriate verifier to update it. We also upgraded the verification workflow so authors can sort the Cards they need to verify by popularity, reason a Card is out of date, or length of time it’s been untrusted. With this functionality verifiers can much more quickly and easily tackle their verification tasks based on their priorities. 


Some exciting items you may have missed:

To ensure you’re taking full advantage of your Guru offering, we wanted to highlight a few items we released in previous quarters:

  • Automatic Provisioning: Easily manage your Guru users with Automatic Provisioning. Guru can connect with your identity provider (Okta, Onelogin, etc) so that as you add and remove users from Groups or your organization, their access in Guru is automatically updated as well.

  • Slack Actions: Guru was a part of the recent release of Slack actions. This integrates Guru into your Slack experience with users able to click on ‘More Actions’ on a Slack message to quickly turn it into a Guru Card. Users can also use this feature to search for knowledge in Guru to provide an answer to a question via Slack.

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  • Zendesk Sync: Your support team doesn’t need to look for content in two places. With Zendesk Sync your help center content can be automatically brought into Guru so your team can have one view of all the internal and external content. They can even copy the help center link to the content from the Guru Card for maximum efficiency.