Winning the RFP Game: Create a Standout RFP Response

Last verified Aug 23, 2023

Did another request for proposal land in your inbox? There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a work opportunity come across your desk, and sometimes there’s nothing more stressful. You’d think writing an RFP response would get easier after some experience. If anything, it seems like each RFP response gets more complicated even though you’ve worked on dozens of them.


You remember when your colleague accidentally included your company’s mission statement from 5 years ago. Then there was the time you almost didn’t make the deadline to submit because your main project manager was out on vacation and nobody had access to their notes. And who could forget the hours upon hours of writing, re-writing, and even more writing?

Nobody wants to miss out on a great business opportunity because of a lackluster RFP response. Fortunately, creating the ideal RFP response is much easier when you have a knowledge base like Guru. 

Store content in Guru

Even though each RFP response is unique, the process for writing them is pretty straightforward. Your project requirements and executive summary will change, but the basic templates you’ll need to produce them can stay the same. Keep these along with brand assets like logos in Guru to ensure everyone can create a uniform and well-put-together RFP. 


When your teammates work on the “about our company” section, they shouldn’t have to second guess whether they have the company’s recent mission, vision, and values. Cards in your knowledge base that contain important company information should always be verified to ensure accuracy. Don't hesitate to request verification if you notice any out-of-date Cards when you’re working on your response. 

Use Answers to get info 

Are you unsure if Cassie or Bill will handle development for the first half of this project? There’s no need to ask your manager or someone else on the team; ask Guru! 

RFPs tend to create an “all hands” situation because people have so many questions about what to include. That wouldn’t be a problem if people could drop everything and focus on response work, but your company can’t shut down each time you get an RFP. 

If you have a well-maintained knowledge base, you already have all the info you need to respond to an RFP. Use Answers to quickly sort through your meeting logs, project notes, and other information to get what you need. 

Simplify and summarize with Assist  

Your team has meticulously laid out your project plans, scoped hours of work, and created the ideal work timeline. You're ready to deliver this 25-page RFP response to the potential client. The only issue is that…it’s a 25-page RFP response.

RFPs are dense sources of information, but sometimes, there can be such a thing as TMI. Instead of leaving out crucial bits of information, cut down some of your lengthiest sections with help from Assist’s summarize feature.


You can use Assist to help with every part of the writing process, but the summarize feature can be especially beneficial for RFPs. Try running some of your densest sections through Assist’s summarize feature to keep things concise. You may find an easier and faster way to present essential information!

Break down language barriers with Asisst’s Translate feature 

The company that sent the RFP has a branch in Germany you want to impress. Or maybe you really want your team in Shenzhen to review your response before you send it out. Either way, you have people you want to share your work with, but you also have a language barrier that's making things tricky. 

If you haven’t had a chance to use Assist’s “Translate” capability, now is the perfect time to try it out. Instead of relying on a translation service, use Assist’s Translate feature to ensure everyone can read and review your RFP. 

Use Guru’s RFP response templates 

Your knowledge base should play an important role in every RFP response you write. We want to make it easy for everyone to do their best work with Guru. That’s why we’ve created a collection of project templates for you to use. Read our advice on how to create great project plans and use our templates so you can create RFP responses that land deals.