Your Knowledge Management Horoscope

Last verified May 21, 2021

As part of our company charter to make sure that the knowledge you need to do your job finds you, we thought you might want to see all your bases covered. As we were looking to seek and share knowledge, we wondered what the universe has in store for everyone, knowledge management-wise. We consulted the stars to uncover your knowledge management horoscope, see how you can excel at work, and let you know about any obstacles the planets might be putting in your way.

Note: This was in no way a scientific endeavor and should not be taken as anything but fun.


Aries ♈️

Characteristics: self-aware, assertive, initiating, direct, independent

As an independently minded fire sign, you need knowledge the way a flame needs oxygen. The stars say you’ll methodically work your way through your knowledge base on your own initiative, impressing your colleagues by being able to explain all of those new product features. Around the time of the next product launch, they’ll ask each other “How does Aries know all of this cold?” Make sure you stay self-aware enough to resist the urge to smirk.

Taurus ♉️

Characteristics: self-reliant, resourceful, grateful, supportive, frugal

An earth sign, you’re the person everyone comes to with questions, thanks to your reputation as a solid resource and supportive teammate. You may experience some irritation around the holiday season as so many come to you looking for answers, but try to avoid the tendency to become stingy with your help. Instead of answering the same questions over and over again, add them to your knowledge base.

Gemini ♊️

Characteristics: inquisitive, curious, communicative, practical, flexible

You’re a naturally curious person, and the rest of the year holds a great bounty of information for you! Be the breath of fresh air the company needs when it comes to knowledge management. Air signs bring the winds of change, and so will you, as you embark on a mission to champion the updating of your knowledge platform. Your terrific communication skills will come in handy as holiday vacations begin and you encourage your colleagues to make sure their knowledge is captured.

Cancer ♋️

Characteristics: receptive, accepting, nurturing, caring, reflective

The planets have aligned this year for you to have time to nurture your knowledge base by adding advice for new hires. You’ve been admirably reflective, but that trait may have led you to spend too much time dwelling on things you wish you’d known as a new employee. As a water sign, you’re easily drawn to mysterious things, so use that energy to explain a new process that hasn’t yet been documented. 

Leo ♌️

Characteristics: creative, self-assured, loving, generous, giving

You’ve walked the fine line this year between self-assured and boastful, and next year promises to be no different. Part of that for you, as for all fire signs, has been being able to track the impact of your work through content analytics. As five planets align for you, you will continue to be rewarded as long as you maintain your giving attitude and don’t fall into the trap of attention-seeking behavior that can come with a creative mindset. The analytics speak for themselves.

Virgo ♍️

Characteristics: improving, organizing, enhancing, growing, helping

You’re always looking to improve yourself and your surroundings, which is why you’ve been hard at work this summer verifying the knowledge you own. As the earth completes its long rotation around the sun, you, an earth sign, feel a sense of completion. That desire to resolve and help is also why your trust score has been so impressive. Look forward to a new burst of inspiration to organize in December as you begin to ready your knowledge for the new year.


Libra ♎️

Characteristics: conscientious, cooperative, fair, agreeable, impartial

You provide balance to your company as a Libra, an air sign known for its impartiality. You’re a natural subject matter expert, one whose deeply considered answers have become the stuff of legend in the past few months. Expect to wield this judgment often as new processes and assets are instituted in the new year, but protect yourself from shoulder-tapping by preemptively adding knowledge before being asked.

Scorpio ♏️

Characteristics: transparent, honest, accepting, bonding, open

As a water sign, you tend towards transparency, which is why you love to share knowledge. You know that a transparent organization is an efficient one. You’ve been working hard the last few months, documenting and sharing what you know, so you can expect to sit back and enjoy the fruits of that labor in the remaining weeks of the year. Avoid the jealousy of others who may still be playing catch up by encouraging them to continue sharing information with each other, and offering praise in Slack.

Sagittarius ♐️

Characteristics: adventurous, philosophical, open-minded, optimistic, purposeful

You’re a hard worker, Sagittarius, which is why your colleagues know they can count on you to deliver. This is especially noticeable in the heat of the summer when, as a fire sign, you’re at your most invigorated. As the planet moves away from the sun, however, you may find that you lean on your more purposeful tendencies, methodically going through the knowledge base to document anything that might be missing.

Capricorn ♑️

Characteristics: responsible, committed, hard-working, mature, dedicated

This year may have been a hard one for you, but thanks to your dedication and persistence, the fruits of your labor are finally starting to be seen. In the new year, your new hires will be extremely thankful for the way you’ve set them up for success, and, as an earth sign, you’ll help them feel grounded. Use your maturity to help them learn by doing, encouraging them to contribute their own expertise to your knowledge base.

Aquarius ♒️

Characteristics: inventive, humanitarian, unconventional, eccentric, envisioning

All of the major planets — and most of the stars — have been in ideal alignment for you this year, which is why you’ve noticed the knowledge you need to live your life finding you every day. As an air sign, you use unconventional methods to draw knowledge closer to you, whether it’s finding a new way to analyze support effectiveness, or putting your brainstorm ideas in a new Collection, allowing people to comment on their workability. The coming months herald bold new concepts from you. Make sure to capture them in your KB.

Pisces ♓️

Characteristics: present, tranquil, trusting, mindful, empathic

You’re a trusting person, Pisces, which is why you’ve come to rely on your knowledge base and assume it’s always up-to-date. Be careful in the closing months of the year as a trust score can easily fall when so many go on vacation. Take the lead and use your empathy to encourage your colleagues to maintain a high trust score. Just as water finds its own level, you, a water sign, can help others find theirs.