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Axcient is a cloud platform that eliminates data loss, keeps applications running, and ensures  that IT infrastructures never go down. Companies use Axcient to replace legacy backup, server replication, disaster recovery and archiving products, with a single integrated platform that mirrors an entire business in the cloud. With Axcient's powerfully simple Business Recovery Cloud you can restore data, failover applications, and virtualize servers or an entire office with a click. Thousands of businesses trust Axcient to keep their applications running and employees always productive.


Backup, recovery and business continuity was a market traditionally served by legacy, on-premise providers.  Axcient's sales reps faced the challenge of explaining their cloud-based approach to companies accustomed to antiquated, on-prem systems. In order to easily arm his reps with the advantages of Axcient's recovery cloud, Daniel Kuperman, Director of Product Marketing, needed a  knowledge management solution capable of providing his team with competitive positioning – on-demand!

"My (marketing) team would get multiple e-mails from our sales reps requesting competitive intel, case studies, FAQs, current data center certifications, etc. that we had already published in our CRM, but no one ever searched for and/or could easily find them, let alone know if they were still up-to-date."


Axcient now uses Guru, to manage their sales assets; the content is always "refreshed and sales-rep ready". Guru's ingrained verification engine and card management features provides Daniel's team with the ability to effectively manage Axcient's continuously expanding knowledge-base, while the Guru Extension and Context helps the sales reps quickly access the information they need, as an overlay to the apps they're using on a daily basis (i.e. e-mail and Salesforce).

Guru Aggregates all Organizational Knowledge

Lacking a single system and simple search makes it difficult to utilize important team knowledge. Even when the content is in one system, searching for the correct document and then locating your answer within the document is a time consuming process. Axcient is addressing these common problems by aggregating all knowledge via Guru.  Daniel outlined, "Guru's card-based approach allows us to consolidate information, so I include the content that sales reps use as immediate talking points and then link to more in-depth information, such as case studies or white papers, as additional resources they can send to prospects. Guru is serving as an index of the knowledge spread throughout the company."

Providing a single-source of knowledge is especially helpful when onboarding new-hires. Daniel expressed,  "When you hire, one of the most difficult things is finding information, so being able to instantaneously access it helps ramp up the new sales reps. Learning on the job becomes much easier if you can just point to specific cards."

Information is always accurate

The key benefit of aggregating your organizational knowledge using Guru, is gaining the assurance that your collective content is consistently accurate and on-point.  Daniel outlined, "The most helpful feature for me is Guru Verification, because one of my main concerns is making sure that the sales team never has stale or old content and are always referencing the latest version. When Guru tells me to update content,  that helps me prioritize what we're refreshing."

Guru Verification removes the responsibility of managing your content! The workflow engine allows you to identify the appropriate subject matter expert(s) to update the content and set the frequency of updates, which  can range from one week to once a year. You no longer need to worry about managing and updating your content, Guru assumes the responsibility for you. Guru also displays the trust status of cards to your team, so the reps are confident that the information they're sharing with their prospects is sanctioned, trusted content for them to use.

Contextual knowledge automated!

In addition to searching for content maintained in the Guru Extension or Web App, our contextual suggestions feature, Guru Context, will automatically surface relevant content on the web pages/apps your sales team is consistently accessing on a daily basis (i.e. CRM).  Daniel exclaimed, "What we've done at Axcient is the linkage of competitor information with our lead records and account records, so when our reps are on those screens, to see those specific cards (automatically surface) is amazing.  You go to the screen and see exactly what you need to see without doing anything.  When I'm giving a demo to a new sales team member, I always make it a point to show that (Guru Context), because it summarizes the power of Guru in just a couple clicks."

The ability to automatically arm their new sales reps with key talking points to combat a competitor, increases their effectiveness. It also allows the product marketing team to suggest the industry-specific case studies that will be most impactful for a prospect; this ensures that reps are sharing the most relevant and appropriate assets.


Axcient has rolled out Guru to their entire sales team. Initially, only the SDRs used Guru, but based on the feedback Daniel was given and the recognized decrease in repeated questions his marketing team received, Daniel expanded Guru's use to the rest of the Axcient Sales organization!  Daniel summarized Axcient's use of Guru by enthusiastically stating, "For us, it's working great!  Guru has drastically minimized the time I spend answering repeated questions, allowing me to focus my time to creating and updating the most meaningful content for the sales team. And I know they are using it because Guru lives right where they work!"

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