Malwarebytes & Guru Case Study

Malwarebytes builds industry-leading anti-malware and internet security software to keep you and your business safe from today's online threats.

Malwarebytes' B2B Customer Success team tackles anywhere from 1200-1300 cases a week. John Ho, the Director of the team needed a customer success enablement solution that provided their agents instant access to their company knowledge to improve their first call resolution rate.

The Challenge

One of John's key metrics he was looking to improve was his team's first call resolution rate. If his team was able to solve a customer's issue on the first call, the higher the chance Malwarebytes would have a better CSAT (customer satisfaction score) and NPS (net promoter score), which were key KPI's for the B2B Customer Success team.

Malwarebytes' internal company knowledge was housed in a variety of places: people stored information in Box, internal forums, customer facing forums, or email. With so many knowledge bases to go to, agents struggled searching through multiple places just to find simple information like common break-fix issues. Since individual agents could handle up to 1300 cases a week, a quick turnaround time was essential to providing world-class success support that their team prided themselves on.

Lisa Riedthaler, a technical success support specialist who set up a majority of their knowledge base articles within their internal forum was also frustrated with their current solutions. The search engine in the forum was lacking, so it was a long and manual process. Unless you had just the exact, right keyword you could not find what you were looking for. Eventually, agents lost trust in the forum and stopped even looking at it, eventually resorting to messaging or shoulder tapping subject matter experts directly.

Adding to the difficulty, Malwarebytes had a worldwide team in 4 different locations and 30% of their team in the U.S. was remote. John wanted a way for his whole team to contribute to building their knowledge base and foster a more collaborative culture through the process. His requirements when searching for an enablement solution were:

  1. Speed of access. On this requirement, John said: "At the end of the day, our agents are constantly fighting a huge backlog and in the past they were scrambling to look at multiple places to find information. We needed to have a singular place they can go to quickly and search for the right information."
  2. Team-wide adoption. John's philosophy for evaluating a solution's impactfulness was to ask the end user as "their words speak louder than mine."

The Solution

Guru's Customer Success team was a key differentiator for Malwarebytes

To properly evaluate Guru and in order to make the case to senior management, John decided to run a pilot with a small team. After migrating their content over, adoption of Guru was quick to take effect. Michael Cingolani, a success support agent on the B2B team immediately saw the value of Guru and said: "It took no more than a day to adopt. It's as convenient as convenient gets in terms of looking up knowledge and trying to find what you need to find. One click and you have your answer, as opposed to opening a separate window or going to a different program."

With his success support reps seeing immediate value, John started to invite other teams including engineering, quality assurance, and the product management team to Guru to add even more knowledge that could provide better success support for his agents. While any implementation of a new solution comes with some challenges, John was quick to praise Guru's customer success team in their assistance with the pilot.

"Guru's customer success team was instrumental from day one. The combination of the intuitiveness of the tool and responsiveness of customer success during our pilot tipped the scales for Guru."

- John Ho, Director of Customer Success

Guru's Card Manager makes it easy to maintain Malwarebytes' growing knowledge base

After proving the effectiveness of Guru through the pilot period, Malwarebytes now stores all of their new product release information, common product FAQs, and internal training links amongst other knowledge in Guru. John realized that Guru could revolutionize the way their team approaches how to deal with commonly asked questions and break-fix issues. He said: "The Guru web extension makes it so much easier to access information while on the phone working cases. Furthermore, even if they can't find it, they can ask a question of an expert. So we are actually organically growing our internal knowledge base over time."

Malwarebytes' knowledge base continues to grow rapidly and Guru is scaling with it; John loves our card manager feature that makes it easy for him to do bulk actions. He can now quickly filter to see all cards that "need verification" and nudge owners of these cards to ensure content stays fresh for the entire team.

Guru's verification emails provide valuable feedback to knowledge creators

Maintaining the accuracy of knowledge is top of mind for the entire Malwarebytes team as it helps foster trust in Guru as the go-to source of company knowledge. For subject matter experts and knowledge creators like Lisa, our verification emails provide valuable feedback for her that content she creates is being used by the team.

"I love the verification emails. Since it tells me that the cards I am verifying have been viewed over 1000 times, I have the feedback to know that what I'm doing is being used by my team."

- Lisa Riedthaler, Customer Success

The Results

After implementing Guru during the pilot period, Malwarebytes was able to see a 34% improvement in their first call resolution rate.

"It allows your turnaround on tickets to be 3-4 minutes rather than 30 minutes. In the past you would have had to search multiple knowledge bases. You're not combing through lengthy titles, you can just search one or two keywords and find what you need."

- Michael Cingolani, Customer Success

But aside from the tangible improvement in key metrics, John believes Guru has had an impact on the team's culture as well as they have started to rely on Guru as the medium to exchange knowledge. Here's how he characterized that impact: "Guru in some respect brought our global team closer together. It actually fosters communication and collaboration amongst our remote teams. We have teams in 4 locations and remote workers in the US. Guru is a platform that allows everyone to participate and collaborate together, that part is really cool."

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