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A website management platform for Drupal and Wordpress, Pantheon provides web teams with the hosting, cloud-based developer tools, and scalable infrastructure needed to run awesome websites. Pantheon serves billions of pageviews a month for over 100,000 websites.

To better support the enterprise market, Pantheon needed to expand their enterprise sales team. Doing this required the sales team to enhance their existing sales assets and playbook, so they could simply and easily communicate how their solution addresses the exact needs of enterprise customers.


Halid Ibrahimovic, Sales Director, and Wes Manning, Sales Engineering Manager, set out to create a comprehensive sales playbook that was easy to distribute to the sales team. They also needed the ability to easily update the playbook as their competitive landscape was constantly changing, which meant reps needed to be able to trust that the playbook content was current and up-to-date. Initially, they started off with the common approach of creating a set of sales assets, including a comprehensive sales playbook, and distributing them to their team via Google Drive. While it was easy to update and distribute at first, this approach quickly failed to gain adoption with the team. The main reason was that the length of the doc made it difficult for their team to locate correct answers quickly while emailing or on the phone with prospects. Additionally, once the sales reps found an answer, they didn’t 100% trust that it was still accurate.

Describing the difficulty of navigating docs Wes said, "We found our sales reps spending too much time searching for information; they spent time searching for the sales doc in a sea of folders, then once they found the doc, they ended up searching through the doc itself, and finally once they found the answer they weren’t sure if it was even accurate and ended up asking an expert. The whole process was a mess".

Perhaps even more importantly, Wes and Halid also didn’t understand what specific content was being used by the sales team, so they struggled to understand how to improve their existing assets or determine what messaging was actually resonating with prospects.

By adopting Guru, Wes and Halid had two main goals: they wanted their team to quickly find accurate sales information when interacting with prospects, and as managers striving to continually improve and educate their team, they wanted to see how their playbook was performing and which reps were actively using it.


Pantheon now includes its entire sales playbook in Guru. This allows them to easily manage and analyze their content and it helps their reps find and consume essential knowledge throughout the entire sales process. Pantheon's use of Guru has improved the team’s knowledge management and performance in several key ways:

Guru Revolutionizes Sales Playbooks

Before they started using Guru, Pantheon's many sales assets totaled 150 pages; their online doc system was filled with essential sales information including sales messaging and positioning; common objections; competitive positioning; case studies; pricing information; training materials; and sales processes. Putting all of their assets into Guru helped them find the right content; Halid said, "the Guru search results are ranked by relevancy, popularity, and accuracy which helps my team find accurate answers quickly, an essential time-saver when communicating with prospects via the phone or email".

Guru’s analytics also makes the process of educating their team and managing the playbook easier. Our analytics show you how often specific information is being used so that you can create a more effective playbook for the team. Before Guru, they described their playbook saying, “you don’t know what the sales reps are using or what additional information they need”. Now, they describe their playbook in Guru saying “We know which sales reps are accessing the content, and we know what content is popular and what content is missing and needs to be added”. By understanding the gaps in their sales enablement strategy, Halid and Wes can proactively populate new content in Guru and easily distribute it for the whole team to see.

Guru's verification workflow also helps Halid and Wes keep the information updated and relevant. "Because of Guru's trust indicators on each asset the team knows they are always using the most up to date information".

Guru enables efficient Q&A

Before Guru, because their sales knowledge was difficult to locate, Halid and Wes found reps were often asking one-off questions, which interrupts everyone’s workflow and at times resulted in the sharing of misinformation. Now with Guru, sales reps can easily find information and answer customer questions confidently on their own because they know that the information is up to date and expert verified. Wes described the change saying, “You eliminate the shoulder tapping and sales reps search Guru directly, it’s become the source of truth because the information is easily accessible and they know the answers they do find are accurate” An added benefit, is that now all sales reps across the team stay consistent and on-message with all potential prospects.

Their team Q&A process has also changed. Answers that were previously provided via a chat or email weren't shared with the whole team or easy to find later, so the same question was being asked over and over again. Halid described their new process saying, "Now when reps have a question they use Guru to ask it and the entire team can find the answer, plus it remains relevant because I get reminders to verify it".


Guru is now an essential element of the Pantheon sales team's daily workflow. As Halid says, "the three apps our team spends the majority of our day in are email, salesforce and Guru".

Wes continued, "Guru has allowed us to create sales knowledge and a sales playbook that helps us scale as our team grows, eliminating time spent searching and allowing our sales reps to maximize their time spent selling."

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